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Can’t get to the gym? No problem – we’ll help you achieve your health and fitness goals at home.



When you’ve got a lot to fit into your day, it’s easy to let health and fitness slip to the bottom of your to-do list. If this sounds familiar, you’ll be pleased to hear that we launched our online training service with exactly your kind of busy lifestyle in mind.

Health, fitness, energy, restful sleep, productivity, mental well-being, healthy weight-management: All these things are connected, and our online coaching service means you can take positive steps in all these areas from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever else life may take you.

Book a free consultation with one of our personal trainers today. You can have the body you daydream about – and you don’t have to spend hours in a gym to achieve it.

What Is Online Personal Training?

Online personal training is almost exactly the same as our standard personal training – we just work with you 1-on-1 online, rather than in our central London studios. For some people, this means you can work with an expert personal training team from home; for others, it means being able to travel without letting your fitness journey lapse. Wherever life takes you, we can be by your side.

You can still expect the same level of attention from our expert personal trainers as you’d get if you came to one of our Soho or Fitzrovia boutique gyms too. We’ll join you on your preferred video calling platform, guide you through the day’s exercise plan – then keep you on the right track as you workout.

Our personal training team know exactly what it takes to deliver an outstanding workout online. We promise we’ll keep you motivated – and we’ll make sure you’re moving correctly and taking the right amount of rest between each exercise.

What are your health and fitness goals?

Just like the clients that come to our studios, each of our online clients has slightly different goals. For some people, ‘lose weight’ is their number one priority. For others, toning up by adding lean muscle mass is the goal.

Your individual circumstances and goals are exactly that – individual, so you can expect personalised online personal training to reflect that.

Each of our online trainers has their own areas of expertise – so we’ll make sure you’re working with someone who understands exactly what’s needed to get amazing results. Just like our clients, each Fitness Lab personal trainer is unique – so whether you’re looking at traditional weight training, pre/post natal fitness, staying fit as your body changes through the menopause, or simply shedding some body fat – our personal training team will make sure you get a training plan that’s exactly right.

How much does online personal training cost?

If you’ve looked at online personal trainer and online coaching costs you’ll perhaps be surprised at the enormously varying prices that are out there.

At Fitness Lab, we don’t aim to be the cheapest online personal training service in the UK – but we do everything we can to make sure we’re the very best. We believe the level of attention and expert advice you’ll get from our expert team of personal trainers is second to none – if you trust us with your body transformation, we promise to deliver the kind of results most people don’t think are possible.

When you talk to us, we’ll put together an exercise regime and coaching plan that’s perfectly tailored to you and extremely cost effective.

Does online personal training work?

Quite simply – yes. We’ve coached hundreds of online personal training clients who’ve seen life-changing results working exclusively with a fitness professional online.

We don’t expect you to have access to weights or cardio equipment at home either. This is where our team’s experience comes into play – we can put together an online personal training plan with little or no equipment needed and we’re confident we’ll still achieve incredible weight loss, lean muscle gains, and get you in the best shape of your life.

Why not take a look at our facilities?

Will I get the same level of wrap-around care when I training online as I would at the Fitness Lab studios?

One of the things that sets us apart from other personal training services is our holistic approach to health and fitness. When you trust Fitness Lab with your training plans, we can be 100% certain you’ll get maximum results because we don not leave anything to chance. Our team is made up of strength and fitness coaches, physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, pilates coaches, nutrition planning experts, and many more.

So, how does this translate when you work with an online personal trainer?

Again, this is where our depth of experience is the deciding factor. By carefully studying the way you move, asking questions, and listening with expert ears to the answers you give, we can identify strengths and weaknesses and spot areas where additional therapies might be helpful.

If you’re within travelling distances of our Soho and Fitzrovia studios, you can access the enormous range of additional therapies our team can offer. If you’re not nearby, we’ll be more than happy to help you track down a local qualified professional who can offer the same level of service.

When it comes to personal training at Fitness Lab, online does not mean second best.


A Word From Our Clients

Online Personal Training: Frequently Asked Questions

Is nutrition advice included with online personal training?

Yes, our online personal trainers will put together a detailed nutrition programme for you as part of your workout plan. It will be based around scientifically-backed diet and nutrition knowledge – but we fully appreciate that you’re human and will sometimes crave something outside a healthy eating plan!

This is why an off-the-shelf nutrition plan probably won’t work – because it doesn’t take into consideration you, your tastes, and your unique body composition. Instead, when you work with a Fitness Lab online coach, we work with you to create realistic nutrition plans that won’t leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied.

If you want to take things to the next level, we can even connect you with bespoke meal plan providers – with bespoke menus that fit around your schedule and are tailored precisely to your goals.

Some online personal trainers offer weekly check ins. Do you?

Yes, we do. To be honest, we’re likely to be in touch more frequently than weekly – but if we don’t hear from you or you don’t have a scheduled session, then we’ll make sure we touch base to see how your eating plan is going and check that everything’s still moving in the right direction for you!

I want to concentrate on fat loss, is that okay?

Of course. The best online personal training will focus on you and your goals. If fat loss is at the top of your priority list, then your online coaching will focus specifically on that.  

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