Health is the foundation upon which performance is built; nurture it, and greatness will follow.
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Andreea, a Level 3 Personal Trainer holding a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics, brings over 4 years of experience in one-to-one personal training sessions to her clients. With a specialization in pre and postnatal training, she has guided numerous individuals towards various health goals, ranging from basic improvements to attaining peak fitness levels. Beyond her coaching endeavors, Andreea has utilized her expertise to excel in female bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions, securing multiple medals along the way. 

Andreea’s objective is to educate her clients in a manner that aligns with their goals and, crucially, their commitment to exercise. She places her trust in science-based principles of training and nutrition, employing behavior-change strategies to foster sustained success. Andreea prioritises her clients’ individual needs, striving to ensure they feel valued, understood, and supported throughout their collaborative journey towards better health and performance. 

When Andreea isn’t in the gym, she can often be found exploring her passion for dance in a studio, immersing herself in learning new choreographies. She also enjoys embarking on outdoor adventures, whether it’s hiking through scenic trails or simply spending quality time with friends. These activities outside the gym not only provide Andreea with balance and fulfillment but also contribute to her overall well-being and zest for life. 

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