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What if we told you we don’t want you to do hours of tough exercise every day? Or that we don’t believe in that “no pain, no gain” myth? Would you be surprised to hear that we don’t ever encourage the idea of “going on a diet”?

If you’ve got 2-3 minutes to spare, we’d like to share with you the uncommon approach to personal training that’s made us one of London’s most highly-rated personal training services – with over a decade of consistently producing life-changing results for the people who trust us to transform their health.


Health & Fitness as a Foundation for a Better Life

Your health is the bedrock on which everything else in your life sits. Families, relationships, friendships, work, leisure, and so much more can be significantly impacted if your health isn’t quite right. We’re often led to believe that aches, pains, fluctuating moods, low energy levels, the negative effects of ageing and so much more is inevitable – but when you fine-tune your approach to health and fitness, you can remove or reduce so many of these hurdles.

At Fitness Lab, everything we do is focused on our mission statement: A constant refinement on a lifelong journey to better health and fitness. This isn’t just a job for us – it’s a genuine passion that you’ll see in every one of our coaches. From movement and rest and nutrition and psychology, we all know what works because we’ve lived it and helped thousands of others live it too.

Your coach – backed by our full team – will support you with as much or as little as you need when it comes to working towards your goals. We’re all human too, so we don’t judge – instead, we focus on celebrating every step you make towards being a fitter, happier version of you.

Personal Training London

Founder Story: Brett

If You Can Change Your Mindset, You Can Do Anything

"From an early age, I knew I wanted to do a job that involved helping people – but I just had no idea that the personal trainer job role even existed. I’ve always been passionate about my own health and fitness, so when I realised what a PT could bring to a person’s life, I knew it was the right path for me.

After I qualified, my work ethic and eye for detail meant I got opportunities to work in some prestigious private social and athletic clubs. The standards in these facilities were second to none – and I noticed the private one-to-one way of training created an amazing working relationship between clients and coaches.

The private one-to-one training pods we decided on for Fitness Lab help to do this very same thing. Changing your attitude towards exercise and health isn’t easy – but when you know you’ve got an expert coach who’ll support and encourage you with every step, you’ll be blown-away by what you can achieve."

Change What You’re Doing by 1%, not 50%

When you decide that this is the week you’ll completely change your life and start walking to work, start a restrictive diet, quit sugar, quit drinking, start going to the gym every day, start going to bed earlier, and delete food delivery services from your phone, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Fad diets, overly intense gym programs, and unsustainable health goals don’t work in a lasting way. In fact, these things are often worse than ineffective. When they fail – like 99% of these highly restrictive changes will – you’ll lose any progress you’ve made, you’ll feel disheartened, and you’ll think that getting the kind of health or shape you want is impossible.

This isn’t true. Your goal isn’t impossible – but the method is.

At Fitness Lab, we help people to do the exact same things that we’ve done to become fitter and healthier versions of ourselves – consistent 1% lifestyle adjustments that build your health one day at a time. These are the very same things that have helped thousands of Fitness Lab clients lose weight and keep it off, build impressive amounts of muscle, recover from injury, and improve their mental well-being. 

When we say that Fitness Lab is redefining personal training, we really mean it – and we’ve got countless reviews from people who agree.

Founder Story: Sandra

Transformation is Possible for Anyone

“When people see that I’ve won world fitness competitions and run a personal training business, they assume health and fitness has been my only focus in life. The truth is, I didn’t even think about fitness until long after I turned 30. Before that, I’d occasionally used a treadmill – but I was intimidated by gyms and working out.

When I decided to start improving my fitness, it transformed the way I felt about every part of my life. Becoming more active felt amazing. I really started to look forward to exercising and eating well – something I never imagined I would be passionate about! I’m proof that a series of small manageable changes, applied consistently, can completely transform the way a person looks and feels.

It’s amazing to see people change physically – but I especially love it when people tell me about how they feel mentally transformed and what that brings to their life. When a person starts to take control of their health, it can be genuinely life-changing.”

Outstanding Personal Trainers with Exceptional Standards

Most gyms and PT services employ personal trainers and then give them little guidance around how they do their job. The result is often very mixed – different levels of commitment, differing attitudes, and different levels of professionalism.

Difference isn’t bad. Our team is incredibly diverse and boasts outstanding experience from a huge range of backgrounds. However, there are some things we don’t differ on. When it comes to our welcoming and private atmosphere, the professionalism you experience, the non-judgmental approach you feel, the attention you receive, and how tuned in every coach is to your needs – our exceptionally high standards are something everyone at Fitness Lab agrees on.

Occasionally, your normal coach will be away, and another trainer will step in. When they do, everything you love about Fitness Lab will still be part of your session. Care and consistency are absolutely key in everything we do.

Founder Story: Jack

World-Class Knowledge and Service Accessible to All

“I’ve done jobs that a lot of health and fitness professionals daydream about – working for Premier League football clubs and the performance teams behind the most successful Formula One drivers. 

Working with sports people was entirely focused on maximising a short career - but I felt like the skills and qualifications I’d achieved could offer something to everyone, regardless of current lifestyle or fitness level. This belief was a big part of why we launched Fitness Lab – giving people access to hard-to-find knowledge and world-class service standards.

Fitness Lab has also given us a chance to maximise every coach’s potential too. A typical gym-based trainer spends most of their day doing general gym duties – but here, our coaches are exclusively working with clients and building their knowledge about the most innovative and effective ideas in the fitness industry.”

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