Personal Training in London

At Fitness Lab, we are redefining what Personal Training means.




At Fitness Lab, we are redefining what Personal Training means. Our unique pod training system and team of expert coaches put you in the very best place to achieve your fitness goals. Start your transformation with Fitness labs – get the body you want with the right motivation, exercises & diet.

Some of the things we can help with include:

 Fitness assessment and monitoring

 Personalised training programmes

 Event preparation and planning

 Fat loss expertise

 Pre and post natal training

 Perform better, look better, feel better

Results Driven

Your coach will put together a training plan focused on your goals and fitness needs, making sure that you are constantly working towards achieving your results. With every session, we learn more about you and your body, using state of the art technology to monitor everything from your heart rate to your body composition. Your coach will guide you to develop new skills, higher levels of strength, fitness and increase your overall performance.

Your Private Studio

Our personal trainers & coaches are all qualified at the highest level and have a minimum of 5 years experience. They have the knowledge and expertise needed to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. As a team, we don’t believe in basic instruction – we believe in high-level performance coaching. With your goals and needs at the heart of everything we do, we are committed to helping you reach your full potential.

Constant Support

Our highly personal coaching techniques go way beyond 60 minutes in the studio. We include nutritional and lifestyle advice, as well as exercise programming, as a part of all of our personal training packages. We pride ourselves on the authentic relationships that we build with our clients, creating a friendly, supportive environment where collaboration yields the best results. Fitness Lab is where progress is made.

Guided By Experts

Our coaches are all qualified at the highest level and have a minimum of 5 years experience. They have the knowledge and expertise needed to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. As a team, we don’t believe in basic instruction – we believe in high-level performance coaching. With your goals and needs at the heart of everything we do, we are committed to helping you reach your full potential.

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Personal Trainers in London




Fitness Lab is run by a team of passionate personal trainers who are committed to providing a supportive training environment and intelligent, bespoke weight training sessions to transform your body and health. Our clients range from elite athletes to complete beginners who have never stepped inside a gym before. Everyone is welcome.

Our two private studios in Central London are equipped with everything you need. You’ll benefit from your own private training pod, whether you train at our Soho, Fitzrovia or Online site.

Here at Fitness Lab – we offer full personal training services to help you achieve your goals, transform your body, fitness and your mind. What we offer isn’t just body transformation, it’s so much more – look and feel better, be a better you. It’s been proven, improved health and fitness has a significant impact on mental wellbeing and work/life performance.

We’ve helped our valuable clients achieve amazing things, from fat loss to body fat reduction, muscle building & more to achieve peak physical fitness.

Our dedicated personal trainers can help with weight training – learn the proper techniques to create stronger muscles and better definition. We’ve helped people who are underweight (low BMI) as well as people who are overweight (excess BMI) to go through body transformation to hit a healthy weight.

Increase your fitness level today and start your fitness journey with Fitness Lab, we offer training sessions in our boutique gym based in the heart of London (SOHO). We tailor your training sessions to work around your lifestyle and work regime.

What Fitness Lab Personal Trainers Offer

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, drop body fat or recover after injury, we have the expertise to help you get results. Our personal trainers develop bespoke training plans for each and every client, incorporating tailored nutrition and lifestyle advice as part of the service.

Many of our clients have tried and failed to achieve fat loss on their own. We take the guesswork out and provide a fully tailored plan to ensure that you see results. Your training programme and nutrition advice is bespoke to you – tailored to your goals, your body, your lifestyle.

Of course, not all clients come to us for fat loss. Our plans are tailored to whatever goal it is you’re working towards.


We provide a truly personal approach to personal training. Our coaches will be there with you every step of the way, giving you the guidance and support you need to achieve all of your health and fitness goals. We're here to help you take it to the next level.


Can't make it to the studio? Caught up with things to do? No problem. Via our bespoke training app and live video sessions, you can take your coach home, on holiday or away with you on business.


We’ve partnered with the very best sports and injury specialists to provide you with the ultimate circle of care. Our partners include physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, osteopaths and sleep specialists. We offer an initial free consultation - if you have any personal injuries or special requirements we are happy to help and provide guidance.


Nutrition has one of the greatest impacts on how you perform daily in and out of the gym and the success you are going to have with your body composition goals. At Fitness Lab we offer a variety of nutritional support services from expert consultations with our industry leading Nutrition partners to to tailor made food delivered to your door with our Chef partner.


At Fitness Lab, we truly believe everyone should be doing some form of strength training. No other form of exercise matches this if strength and muscle gain is the end goal. This is of course obvious, but what is often overlooked is why we should aim to build muscle for more strength.


Fat loss is arguably one of the most positive outcomes from exercise and directly leads to a large number of health improvements. Through an in-depth understanding of how the body functions and responds to certain training stimulus, your coach will tailor your training plan

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    5 star review  I cannot recommend Brett enough. He really took the time to work out my fitness goals to develop a plan that works for me. I have new processes in place to track my progress too. It’s completely changed the way I work out and I now have habits in place which I know I can maintain. I really cannot recommend him enough.

    thumb Lucy Moore

    5 star review  I've been coming into Fitness Lab Soho for my PT sessions regularly for few years now as I find everything about it perfect. From the location of the studio, to the space and cleanliness of the gym but most importantly the team of instructors - they are very professional! After the initial consultation I was presented with an individual and detailed approach to my fitness needs (I have a shoulder injury hence needed to be careful). It has been extremely beneficial for my body and mind as well as helped me to get closer to my goals! If you're looking for an individually tailored fitness/diet programme give it try at Fitness Lab Soho.

    thumb Tatyana V

    5 star review  I had a couple of sessions at Fitness Lab in its previous guise as a rowing/HITT venue and I loved it then. I love it even more now! The quality of the training is superb and facilities are clean and tidy with everything you need post-workout. I have experienced gyms where form has taken a back seat when training but not at Fitness Lab. There is a real focus on doing things properly, and I can see the benefits of working towards well structured goals and a distinct plan. The trainers are lovely and friendly, there's always a warm welcome from them and anyone else there. Emily is an awesome PT, she knows her stuff. She's encouraging but doesn't let me off the hook easily, and that has pushed me to do more outside of the studio. I don't live or work any where near the studio but I'm happy to travel because this little place is a gem. I can't imagine going anywhere else whilst I live in London.

    thumb N Baruwa

    5 star review  I have MS so have limited mobility. Ash has drawn me up a program to strengthen my core and upper body using resistance bands. The exercises, their purpose, which muscles were being worked were all clearly explained and demonstrated. Very excited about getting into the routine of using the program and I'm sure I will be going back to Ash for add ons. 10/10

    thumb Steve Thompson

How much do Personal Trainers in London Cost

The cost of Personal Training in London varies – but it goes without saying, the quality of the coaching varies, too. Choosing PT at Fitness Lab means you can be assured that you are receiving high-end coaching from the best personal trainers in London, equipped with the best qualifications to help you meet your goals.

Enquire here to find out more about our bespoke Personal Training packages.

What Goals Can Fitness Lab Personal Trainers Help You Achieve?

Whatever goal you’re working towards, the team at Fitness Lab has the experience and the expertise to help you get where you want to be. From weight loss, muscle building, body transformation, fat loss, injury rehabilitation, event preparation and pre and post natal training – we can help. It may be that you’re not looking to change anything, but just want to stay fit as you get older or improve your mental health. Our trainers can support you with this, too.

What are the Advantages of Using a Personal Trainer?

To benefit from a fully-tailored, bespoke training program. Your personal trainer will help you achieve meaningful, long-lasting results. Intelligently designed sessions that ensure you’re always progressing. Accountability and support both in and out of the studio. Personal training helps you fully understand and learn correct technique. Your trainer can help you work through and rehabilitate an injury. Your trainer will support you on your fitness journey every step of the way.

Client Results from Personal Training

“Best of class personal fitness training. Bespoke consultation covering lifestyle, fat loss, nutrition and fitness training programs at a reasonable cost. High quality facilities and training equipment. Highly professional and fun loving trainers. Fitness Lab improved my quality of life and enables me to compete in endurance events”

“Jack and the team have quite literally changed my life. I started working with Jack a little over a year ago. When I started, I was unfit, allergic to exercise, overweight and generally unhappy but since working together things have turned around completely. I have fallen in love with exercise and as a result I’m fitter than ever, over 35kg lighter and simply much happier & more confident in myself. […] The benefits both physically and mentally are immense. I recommend Fitness Lab to anyone who will listen!”

“Best personal trainers in Central London – complete support every step of the way. I love my PT sessions. I’ve received incredible advice from all of the coaches and seen amazing results in my body shape and ability to build muscle. Not only have they helped me fall in love with strength training, but they’ve also helped with my nutrition, mental health and more. I’m in the best shape ever, physically and mentally. Thanks fitness lab!”

Why Choose Fitness Lab

Most Personal Trainers in London work on a freelance basis, meaning that they struggle to find an environment where their career progression and education are truly valued. We founded Fitness Lab with the understanding that to truly help people, we need to attract the best trainers and provide them with the tools and environment to provide the highest quality coaching possible. We prioritise education to ensure that our clients always get the best from their trainer and get results. Our Personal Trainers in London are passionate, caring individuals who truly care about their clients and their results. At Fitness Lab we go above and beyond to provide the best customer experience.