Male Fat Loss London

A proven weight loss workout plan that’s helped thousands of men transform their bodies

Male Fat Loss Training: London

Although every Fitness Lab member is an individual with specific health and fitness goals, there are sometimes specific programmes we revisit – simply because they are so effective. Our male fat loss programme is one of the most effective we’ve ever created and we’ve used it to help countless guys transform what they see when they look in the mirror.

Give the Fitness Lab team 8-12 weeks and we’ll help you achieve the kind of results most people don’t think are possible. No fad diets or bootcamps – just proven strategies that will see you burn fat, lose weight, and build lasting lean muscle mass in our private workout pods.

The best part is, we’ll do it with minimum disruption to your everyday life.

Lose body fat and build strength, muscle, and confidence

As a guy, weight and stubborn belly fat can creep up on you. Usually, it’s because your calorie intake and the amount of movement you achieve each day are out of balance.

Often, it’s not the number on the scales that alerts you to the problem. Instead, it’s the fact that your favourite shirt doesn’t look as good on you as it used to. It’s noticing your energy dropping off in the afternoon or a lingering brain fog that takes a few coffees to shift. Sometimes, it’s just feeling like you don’t have quite the same spark or drive you used to.

We’ve got good news. You’re not alone with these feelings – hundreds of guys have walked through our Soho and Fitzrovia studio doors experiencing the same things you are right now. We can promise you that our male fat loss personal training and nutrition advice will transform the way you feel – starting from day one.

Nutrition advice that will help you avoid those cravings

Sugary? Salty? Spicy? We’ve all got our weaknesses when it comes to food. The trouble is, it’s never been easier to have fast food in front of you within minutes – and when time never feels like it’s on your side, a Friday-night treat can quickly become a go-to dinner more nights than you’d be willing to admit!

At Fitness Lab, personal training and nutrition of weight loss go hand-in-hand. We’ll help you change the way you think about food and put together a realistic meal plan that’ll see you dropping pounds quicker than you probably thought possible. Don’t panic – there’s no going hungry or protein-shake-only diets – just sensible, scientifically-backed ideas around what and when to eat.

(We’re human too – so there aren’t any chocolate, drinking, or take-away bans to worry about!)

If you decide you want to take things to the next level, we can connect you with our meal prep and delivery partner too. Delicious healthy meals from a menu designed by a Michelin star chef – made fresh every day and delivered to your home or office. Zero prep, zero washing up, and – the best part is – we’ll help you to make sure they’re tailored to your needs – make losing weight a walk in the park.

    Lose fat with a combination of cardio and weight training

    What does a male fat burning workout look like? At Fitness Lab, that depends on you. We know how to precisely balance cardio workouts, bodyweight exercises, high-intensity interval training, and weights workouts – but you can be absolutely confident that your personal trainer will tie it all together in a way the makes every session fun and as effective as possible.

    Going to the gym might feel like it’s going to be hard work now – but when you’re in a private workout pod in either of our boutique Soho or Fitzrovia studios, your fat loss workout will become an indispensable part of your week – boosting your energy levels, productivity, mood, and overall sense of well-being.

    Lose weight, look better and live longer

    If you’re already sold on the idea of becoming a better, fitter, more energised and confident version of yourself, get in touch! However, if you need a little more of a nudge, what we’re going to tell you might make for uncomfortable reading.

    As of mid-2021, 68.2% of UK men are either overweight or obese. Being overweight isn’t something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about – but the cold hard reality is that it being too heavy can significantly shorten your life. As someone who carries extra weight, science has shown that you increase your risk of life-changing conditions – cancer, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, strokes, and debilitating osteoarthritis.

    If you’re here, the most significant step you can take towards being a healthy version of yourself is getting in touch now and finding out exactly how we can help. We can promise that you’ll look back in a month’s time and realise today was the day you changed your life.

    Why not take a look at our facilities?


    Our world-class personal trainers will work with you in your own private pod space - using equipment that is exclusively yours during your session. Unrivalled knowledge and absolute privacy.


    Can't get to the studio? Away with work? Keen to keep up with your training on holiday? No problem. Our bespoke training app and live video sessions mean your personal trainer can keep you focused and on track wherever life takes you.


    Whether you're an athlete or an office worker, we put our bodies through a huge range of stresses every day. We're partnered with the very best sports massage therapists, osteopaths, and sleep specialists to make sure nothing holds you back.


    We can offer an incredible range of nutritional information, advice and partner services - from informal eating tips all the way through to healthy, ready-to-eat meals made with your goals in mind and freshly delivered to your door every day.


    Muscle gain can make a huge difference to the shape of your body - giving you a firmer, more toned physique while helping you to feel stronger and more confident. Every Fitness Lab personal trainer knows exactly what's needed to build lean muscle.


    If you're hoping to lose weight, your personal trainer will tailor a programme that focuses on trimming down body fat. Ongoing support makes it infinitely easier to keep working towards your goal, avoid any common errors, and stay healthy as the scales move.


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