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Gabriela boasts a decade of personal training expertise, catering to a diverse array of general population clients. Following the attainment of her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, she embarked on a specialisation in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Consistently pursuing professional development, she annually undertakes courses, culminating in her qualification as a Level 3 personal trainer in the UK. Notably, Gabriela has recently acquired certification in pre and postnatal training, further enhancing her skill set. 

Gabriela is deeply passionate about aiding individuals in achieving their wellness objectives, fostering not only physical but also mental health. Known for cultivating a welcoming, upbeat, and secure atmosphere, she prioritises attentive listening to her clients. Central to her approach is a fervor for strength training.

Her training philosophy revolves around employing suitable strength and resistance techniques alongside promoting a flexible, balanced lifestyle to attain diverse objectives, ultimately guiding individuals towards happiness, confidence, and resilience. Each of Gabriela’s programs is meticulously tailored to address unique needs and aspirations, drawing upon a variety of methods. Regardless of one’s stage in the wellness journey or past experiences, Gabriela is genuinely dedicated to facilitating enduring transformations in her clients’ lives. 

Gabriela, who relocated to Europe for various reasons including her love for traveling, finds joy in exploring new places. Alongside her adventures, she cherishes quality time spent with family and friends. Gabriela’s interests also extend to climbing, hiking, and the practice of meditation, all of which enrich her life and offer opportunities for personal growth and reflection. 

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