Injury Rehabilitation

Exercise programmes specifically designed to help you recover from injury – no matter how significant

Injury Rehabilitation Training: London

The team here at Fitness Lab are not just personal trainers. Every individual in our Soho and Fitzrovia studios has experience delivering bespoke rehabilitation training for people who are recovering from some form of injury.

In some cases, this can be an acute injury – the type that comes suddenly when you’re working out or playing sport. In other cases, these injuries have been life-changing – the result of a serious road traffic accident or medical condition.

Whatever you’re facing, the Fitness Lab team have exactly the kind of knowledge and expertise you want in your corner. Our private facilities mean you get to work out in your own space too – creating the perfect environment for lasting recovery at your own pace. Book an no obligation consultation for more details around how we can work specifically with you.

Tailored rehabilitation programmes

There should never be two rehabilitation programmes that are exactly the same – so at Fitness Lab, you can be 100% confident that your personal training rehab sessions will be centred entirely around your specific needs.

This personalised approach starts with a detailed conversation and free consultation. We’ll explore everything – from the level of fitness you had before your injury, right through to what a normal day looks like for you now. With this information, our friendly team of professional trainers, therapists, and coaches can use their knowledge collectively to put together a recovery plan that will inspire significant improvements and get you back to full fitness as quickly as possible.

At Fitness Lab you never have to worry about rehabilitation being overly painful either. Regaining correct biomechanical movement and a solid level of functional fitness might be uncomfortable at times, but our expert coaches will make sure they’re always questioning and listening as you work together – so you never have to worry about going beyond your pain threshold or there being any injury risk.

Private practical sessions

It’s not just our knowledge and skills that make us the perfect place for you to work towards recovery – the environment in our private studios is second-to-none too.

Rehabilitation at Fitness Lab is a world away from the kind of public gym-based sessions you might find elsewhere. Here, your practical sessions will take place in your own private ‘pod’ – a full equipped part of our studio that has everything you need for your session, from cardio and strength equipment, through to mats, foam rollers, and a host of other specialist therapy equipment.

Since the area is exclusively yours while you’re taking part in your injury rehabilitation training session, there’s no queuing for machines, no wiping equipment down, and no feeling that you’ve got other gym users watching what you’re doing or judging your athletic performance.

Expert personal trainers backed by a team of professionals

Although the team of personal trainers here at Fitness Lab are likely to be the people you see the most of during your injury rehabilitation sessions, we actually have a full team of health and treatment professionals that provide the evidence-based foundation for everything we do.

You’ll have access to physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors – all of which can work towards putting together a detailed clinical assessment that will inform each of your sessions. Whether you’re dealing with historic sports injuries or working towards recovering from a serious incident, you’ve got qualified professionals monitoring your progress at every step. Working in this way doesn’t just make your road to injury rehabilitation as short and as quick as possible, it’s also an extremely effective way of reducing injury risk going forward.

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A Word From Our Clients

Injury Rehabilitation Training: London – Frequently Asked Questions

I've had a major trauma injury - will you be able to help?

Yes. We’ve worked with a number of clients who’ve recovered from extremely serious injuries. First, we’ll work to understand where your level of ability and fitness is right now, then we’ll put together a rehab plan that will get your strength back – even if that’s going to be a gradual process for you.

What does you practical examination involve?

An initial practical examination focuses on what kind of limitations your injury has created and exploring the range of movement that you can still maintain. This is largely hands-off and focuses on observation, questioning, and understanding your feedback.

Is exercise-based rehabilitation suitable for everyone?

Ordinarily yes. There are some instances where medical professionals may decide you’re not quite ready for physical rehabilitation just yet – but this is rare – as the right kind of scaled exercise is almost always helpful.

We’ll ask that you check-in with your doctor (or any specialists you’re currently working with) to make sure they’re happy for you to explore physical rehab. If they have any limitations or guidelines they’d like us to follow, we’ll make sure we follow their advice 100%.


Is there any type of sports injury you can't work with?

Generally speaking, no – we can work with all manner of sports injuries and conditions. However, there are some injuries that require immediate surgical intervention. You will almost certainly be aware if this is the case – and if so, we’re here to support your recovery post-surgery.

Can you work with clients from professional sports teams?

Yes, we can. Some professional sports teams have their own in-house sports injury specialists who like to either monitor or have an active input into the rehabilitation training you’re taking on. If this is the case, we’re happy to work alongside other professionals to get you back to full fitness as quickly as possible.

Can you help with on-going lower back pain?

Yes, 100%. Lower back pain and back injuries are some of the most common conditions we work with here at Fitness Lab. We have a series of specialist holistic interventions that we’re certain will help. 

Take the first step towards injury rehabilitation today. Book a free consultation with our expert team.

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