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Science can teach us some very specific and important lessons about how weight loss is different between genders. If you’re a woman and you want to lose weight and burn body fat – there are a host of different factors and challenges that need to be considered.

At Fitness Lab, we understand these factors – and we’ve helped thousands of women overcome these challenges to develop incredible physiques regardless of age or natural body shape.

There aren’t many personal trainers than understand how the body changes after child-birth, through the different stages of the menopause, or as your natural cycles come and go – but here, you can be confident we know the science, we’ve got the experience, and we’re 100% confident that we can help you change your body in ways most people don’t think are possible.


Lose body fat, improve your health, and build confidence

Virtually everyone has problem areas that might feel difficult to see beyond when you look in the mirror as you get dressed.

It’s not always the figure on the scales that’s the problem. Sometimes, it’s just because your favourite pair of jeans feel a bit tighter than they used to, or it’s feeling like your energy levels drop when you used to be able to power through the day.

You’re not alone with these feelings. Hundreds of women have come to our Soho and Fitzrovia studios feeling exactly the same. We can promise you that by tailoring our female-focused workout plan to suit you and your lifestyle, you’ll feel an almost instant difference to how you feel and what you see when you look in the mirror.

Realistic healthy diet and nutrition advice designs to beat those cravings

Whether it’s a the convenience of a take-away and a glass of wine – or the pull of a late-night tub of ice-cream or chocolate bar, we’ve all got weaknesses when it comes to food and drink.

The trouble is, the unhealthy options are usually the easiest to order and the most difficult to resist – and a weekend treat can quickly become the weekday norm when life is busy.

At Fitness Lab, personal training and healthy eating go hand-in-hand. We can help you change the way you think about food, understand what your body is craving, and help you put together a realistic meal plan that will help you lose fat quicker than you ever thought possible. Don’t panic – our nutrition advice isn’t all about the latest fashionable low carb diet or living off nothing other than protein shakes; we’re all about realistic advice that’s sustainable and delicious.

If you decide you’d like to take things to the next level, we can put you in touch with our meal prep and delivery partner too. Tasty, healthy meals designed by a Michelin star chef – made fresh daily and delivered to your home or office. Zero shopping, zero prep, no cooking needed, and we’ll make sure every meal will be tailored to your exact needs.

Private cardio and weight training focused fat burning exercises

So, what happens in during a Fitness Lab personal training session focused on losing weight?

Firstly, every single one of your sessions is held in private. No queuing for machines or feeling like you’re being watched as you workout – just dedicated one-to-one studio time in your own space.

Beyond that, we make sure our female clients get a perfectly balanced blend of cardio and strength training – combining weight lifting that’s designed to tone lean muscle mass rather than bulk-up, and high intensity interval training aerobic exercise that’ll burn calories quicker than anything else you can do in the gym.

Of course, personal training isn’t supposed to be torture! So we’ll make sure your we’ll make every session as fun and positive as possible. We’ll also make sure training works around your schedule – so your sessions at our private Soho and Fitzrovia boutiques become an indispensable part of your week – lowing your body weight while boosting energy levels, productivity, mood, and your overall sense of confidence and well-being.

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A Word From Our Clients

Based on 155 reviews
Gordon Holmes
Gordon Holmes
I have been a happy client of Fitness Lab (Jack in particular) for over 3 years now. All the trainers are professional and thorough, and also friendly and supportive. They've helped me become stronger and more flexible, and progress continues..I strongly recommend them!
Radomira is a great coach. Highly motivating, fun, excellent listener, sessions with her are never boring. She know how to push people out of the comfort zone without forcing them. Rare quality for a coach. The studio itself is optimally located at the heat of Soho and is very well equipped. The concept of a coach-only gym is not common and probably the best option for anyone who take their fitness seriously.
Amy Horton
Amy Horton
I have been with Fitness Lab for 2 years it has been a gradual transition to strength and fitness working with my excellent trainer Ash. It isn’t a quick fix to weight loss but a longer term investment in being a stronger me. With the individual focus I just don’t have to think about having to motivate myself, or worry about whether I am using the weights correctly, Ash takes care of that and gradually pushes me to push myself.
Zulala Abdulazizova
Zulala Abdulazizova
I chose Fitness Lab because the idea of a gym with a more intimate atmosphere, free from overwhelming crowds was very appealing to me. Originally, I planned to join for just a couple of months to get ready for summer, but here I am in November, still committed! The primary reason for that is my PT Radomira, who creates a customised program that suits my individual goals, always motivates me without pushing too hard and makes each session enjoyable and uplifting. I can actually see the progress and am very happy that I ended up choosing this gym.
Emin Hasanov
Emin Hasanov
Fitness Lab is awesome for getting in shape – it's all about personal attention here. Love the private workouts compared to a packed gym. Big shoutout to my PT Radomira for providing personalized and effective workouts, pushing me hard while keeping it safe, injury-free and enjoyable.
Alec Drysdale
Alec Drysdale
I would absolutely recommend Fitness Lab to anyone who is looking get the best PT experience in London. It really helps to be working out in a private space rather than in a public gym and the facilities and equipment are all first-rate and well-maintained. I have to give a huge thank you to my PT, Ash, who has turbo-charged my training. He has put the time, effort and his knowledge into tailoring my workouts to achieve my goals. I don't feel like I'm aimlessly working out or unsure of whether I'm doing the right thing or not anymore and the results have been fantastic. I'm improving in areas that I have always struggled with and it just makes me even more motivated. Ash always brings the right vibe so that I look forward to each session rather than it feeling like a chore. He keeps the workouts varied to make things interesting and if there is ever something I can't do because of injury then he is able to adapt when necessary. The whole experience at Fitness Lab has been fantastic.
Saul Fearnley
Saul Fearnley
I’ve been training here for over three years with Ash and it’s been a fantastic experience. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been and feel fitter and healthier as a result. The whole team are so welcoming and I’d recommend anyone who wants to improve their fitness in a really friendly environment give them a go.
Darrel Olivier
Darrel Olivier
My happy place. Facilities and equipment are absolutely first class and my personalised training program has led me to be in the best shape of my life. Brett has been my there for me every step of the way - his knowledge, passion and communication is second to none and this has kept me motivated and inspired throughout my training journey - thank you 🙏
Ryan Hugh Mackey
Ryan Hugh Mackey
A great and knowledgable staff, clean and well-appointed equipment, what more does one need?
Blair Collins-Thomas
Blair Collins-Thomas
The private personal training here helped me gain control of complicated back issues and get back to playing rugby for the first time in years! My PT was so focused on specifics for my situation and the results speak for themselves. They are so well located for a lunchtime session from work. In my opinion the best personal training studio in Soho!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to fitness or you're returning after a break, we appreciate that the idea of telling a personal trainer that you'd like to lose weight might feel like you're opening the door to a lot of hard work and suffering. 

Don't worry though - the last things you'll hear from us are any of those "no pain, no gain" or "go big or go home" type of 'motivational' mottos. Quite the opposite. 

When you workout with Fitness Lab, you'll be working with a personal training team that helps you understand the way you move is more important than the weight you move - and that every session should be a celebration of the steps you're taking toward your goal. We're not saying you won't work up a sweat - but you'll do it in a way that's positive, sustainable, and - importantly - fun.

For more about our approach and what to expect, take a look at our blog: What Does a Beginner Weight Loss Programme Look Like?

Although we don't like answering questions with questions - we'd first like to know how much weight you'd like to lose!

You might not believe it now, but whatever fitness level you are and whatever goal you have in your head, we'll do everything in our power to get you there. We've helped people lose a few pounds, we've helped people cut their bodyweight in half, and we've even helped people transform their bodies to become fitness magazine cover models.

Whatever your goal, we'll get you there in a way that doesn't leave you miserable, exhausted, injured or desperate to eat. We're confident of this because we don't believe in fad diets, miracle workouts, or overnight results. Instead, we work with proven science and psychology to help to obtain the kind of body you might not otherwise think is possible.

To understand more about the kind of science that informs how we work, you can explore our blog post: How Much Body Fat Can You Lose in a Week?

Yes, we do. We use professional level Tanita MC-580 body composition scales – some of the very best in the personal training industry.

Connected to an app, our Tanita scales will give you an incredible in-depth assessment of your body. You’ll get a view on sarcopenia levels, visceral fat levels, total body fat in % and kg, total muscle in % and kg, water % and kg and more.

You’ll also get a regular review of muscular balance within your body – which is invaluable to our personal trainers, as it allows us to take into account any imbalances or injuries, so we can continually fine-tune your fitness regime and body transformation journey.

Generally, you should be looking at more 'reps' (repetitions - the number of times you perform an exercise) and 'sets' (the number of times you produce that many repetitions) when you're aiming to lose weight.

Of course, the weight that you're moving has a big part to play too. No one would expect you to simply do more sets and reps of a heavy weight - so training for fat loss will generally involve low/medium weights.

There's a lot of science involved in why this is the right choice for weight loss. This science is mostly around the fat-burning benefits of you muscles and connective tissue react to 'time under tension' - so, since more sets and reps increase that time under tension, this is what you should be aiming for to shift unwanted fat.

We've explored this topic and more (including how circuit training, strength training exercises, and compound exercises can be part of a weight loss workout) in greater detail in our blog: How Many Sets and Reps For Weight Loss?

Almost certainly. It's easy to take a look at social media and get the impression that everyone's got motivation to spare - but that's really not the case. Motivation is difficult to find - especially at the start of your fitness journey. 

The good news is, personal training can give you the nudge you need when you feel like skipping your workout. It's not all about patting you on the back and cheering you on though - we work with principles and ideas that are proven to help you build weight loss habits that stick. 

If you'd like to learn more about how we knowledge, goals, measurements and atmosphere to inspire motivation, check out our blog: How Can a Personal Trainer Help Your Motivation?

Lots of people think that lifting weights - either using a machine or free-weights - will just make you get bulkier - but this really isn't the case.

If you want to build substantial amounts of muscle, we can help - but 90% of the time, weight training in Fitness Lab is done with 'toning up' in mind.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the more muscle you have, the firmer your body becomes, even if you're carrying a little extra weight. Secondly, the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns as you rest - helping to manage or reduce body fat levels.

This is just a quick overview - but if you'd like to learn more about why strength training is essential for people looking to lose weight, you can check out our blog: Should I Be Lifting Weights to Lose Weight?

The world has taught us to jump on the bathroom scales and continually aim for lower numbers when it comes to weight and fat - but what you see on the scales is just a small part of the picture.

There's a big difference between 'weight loss' and 'fat loss' - and it's fat loss that's the one to aim for. We'ved looked at this in detail in our detailed blog: Where Do Women Lose Fat First?

We use professional grade Tanita body composition scales to measure both visceral and subcutaneous fat loss. For a detailed understand of these terms and more, you can check out our blog: How Do You Measure Fat Loss?

Book a private consultation today and learn more about how we can help with your body transformation!

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