Pilates Training in London

At Fitness Lab, we are redefining what pilates training means.

Pilates Training in London

Pilates is a low impact, full body discipline designed to improve core strength and stability, heighten your mind-body awareness, work on your flexibility and enhance your posture.

It is based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates, who designed Pilates to be a combination of both mental and physical conditioning. It is an especially valuable method for strengthening the entire body at once, in order to prevent and recover from injury.

Some of the things we can help with include:

 Fitness assessment and monitoring

 Personalised training programmes

 Event preparation and planning

 Fat loss expertise

 Pre and post natal training

 Perform better, look better, feel better

Do You Offer Pilates Classes at Fitness Lab?

In our London studios, we don’t offer specific Pilates classes, however we are passionate about its benefits. So, we like to take key teaching points from pilates (including classical pilates, dynamic pilates and reformer pilates) into our sessions. Instead of offering a 55 minute or hour long session of pure pilates, pilates principles of control and full body awareness underpin the way we coach as a team.

The Best Pilates Classes Teach You

CONTROL of your body and amazing mind body connection.

Through learning and understanding key Joseph Pilates principles with your coach, you will develop a strong mind-muscle connection, allowing you to fully understand the exact range of motion each joint and muscle can be taken through. With thousands of different exercises to learn, Pilates will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of your full body from top to bottom.

Reformer pilates classes are an amazing challenge and you can find quite a few across London, however you don’t need a reformer (or any equipment at all) to get all the amazing benefits of Pilates. We believe that mat pilates is the ultimate compliment to weight training sessions and injury rehabilitation.

Although we focus on utilising pilates as a part of our primary personal training offering in our studios, there are many pilates studios offering classes across London who offer beginners classes, dynamic pilates classes, reformer machine classes. Tempo Pilates which is based in Covent Garden, Ten health Fitness who have multiple studios including Notting Hill and Heartcore who also have multiple studios across London. Reformer Pilates is something which you would generally progress towards once you have mastered a certain number of classes focusing on mat pilates.

Mat Pilates for Core Strength

There are many different pilates classes in London, including mat based, reformer machine, tempo pilates, beginners pilates, dynamic pilates, high intensity and more. In our programs, we take inspiration from mat Pilates to focus on core stability, pelvic stability, shoulder girdle stabilisation, neutral spinal alignment and breathing.

In our studio, by combining classical Pilates principles with our strength training, injury rehabilitation and mobility work, you will experience not only a greater understanding of your body, but enhanced posture and energy also.

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Is Pilates Hard?

Pilates based exercises often use your body weight only, without any additional equipment. This might sound easy – don’t be fooled, done right, with lots of focus, it’s hard! If you’re a beginner to fitness, new to strength training or if it’s your first time in the gym, you’re in good hands. Our trainers will assess your fitness level and take it from there, gradually increasing the challenge with each session. Unlike many Pilates classes in London, like high intensity classes, dynamic pilates and group reformer classes, our personal training sessions are completely tailored to you, to help you work on your own goals, at your current level of fitness. Each of our studios are equipped with pilates equipment. We don’t have reformer pilates machines but we have other pilates equipment and expert knowledge to provide you with one of the most effective workouts in London.

What Will Pilates Exercises Teach Me?

You’ll focus on developing complete control of your body, to bring your core strength and stability to new levels. You’ll need this for the workout you do with your trainer in the gym.

When you first start exercising, it can be tempting to want to sweat with every workout, want to get all the new equipment, to book a ton of classes and to get high intensity sessions going. In our studio we encourage clients to step back and master the basics. This will allow you to get the best out of each and every workout.

With its focus on body awareness and control, Pilates principles carry over extremely well to strength training exercises. In every session, your coach will be right by your side to check you’re moving optimally and that you feel the exercises in the right place. This is the best for injury prevention and for beginners to understand new movements properly.

Pilates For Back Pain Management

Most of us in this city spend our days working at a desk, sat in one position. We know it’s not really great for our back, or our overall fitness. Often times, people will try to remedy the amount of time they are sat still by going to lots of classes, often really high intensity full body workouts that are not tailored to address your own body’s specific weak points. One of the best benefits of mat pilates exercises is the improvement you’ll feel in your back – we’re confident you’ll start seeing the benefits from the first session.

As well as relief from back pain, you can expect pilates to improve your posture and flexibility over time. It’s also a very effective post rehabilitation workout if you’re coming back to fitness after injury.


We provide a truly personal approach to personal training. Our coaches will be there with you every step of the way, giving you the guidance and support you need to achieve all of your health and fitness goals. We're here to help you take it to the next level.


Can't make it to the studio? Caught up with things to do? No problem. Via our bespoke training app and live video sessions, you can take your coach home, on holiday or away with you on business.


We’ve partnered with the very best sports and injury specialists to provide you with the ultimate circle of care. Our partners include physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, osteopaths and sleep specialists. We offer an initial free consultation - if you have any personal injuries or special requirements we are happy to help and provide guidance.


Nutrition has one of the greatest impacts on how you perform daily in and out of the gym and the success you are going to have with your body composition goals. At Fitness Lab we offer a variety of nutritional support services from expert consultations with our industry leading Nutrition partners to to tailor made food delivered to your door with our Chef partner.


At Fitness Lab, we truly believe everyone should be doing some form of strength training. No other form of exercise matches this if strength and muscle gain is the end goal. This is of course obvious, but what is often overlooked is why we should aim to build muscle for more strength.


Fat loss is arguably one of the most positive outcomes from exercise and directly leads to a large number of health improvements. Through an in-depth understanding of how the body functions and responds to certain training stimulus, your coach will tailor your training plan

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    5 star review  Great clean facilities, super friendly and professional trainers. Sandra is so wonderful. I start feeling stressed and super tight and leave looser, fitter and happier. She helps me achieve all my body goals and checks in with me during the week. I’m looking and feeling fitter than ever!

    thumb Penny Blake

    5 star review  I cannot recommend Brett enough. He really took the time to work out my fitness goals to develop a plan that works for me. I have new processes in place to track my progress too. It’s completely changed the way I work out and I now have habits in place which I know I can maintain. I really cannot recommend him enough.

    thumb Lucy Moore

    5 star review  I've been coming into Fitness Lab Soho for my PT sessions regularly for few years now as I find everything about it perfect. From the location of the studio, to the space and cleanliness of the gym but most importantly the team of instructors - they are very professional! After the initial consultation I was presented with an individual and detailed approach to my fitness needs (I have a shoulder injury hence needed to be careful). It has been extremely beneficial for my body and mind as well as helped me to get closer to my goals! If you're looking for an individually tailored fitness/diet programme give it try at Fitness Lab Soho.

    thumb Tatyana V

    5 star review  I have MS so have limited mobility. Ash has drawn me up a program to strengthen my core and upper body using resistance bands. The exercises, their purpose, which muscles were being worked were all clearly explained and demonstrated. Very excited about getting into the routine of using the program and I'm sure I will be going back to Ash for add ons. 10/10

    thumb Steve Thompson

Is Pilates Suitable for a Beginner to Exercise?

Pilates is all about developing complete body awareness and control – so it is great for beginners! (Reformer pilates classes are to be avoided if you’re a beginner though – stick to mat work for now)

If you’re a complete beginner to any form of exercise, then in your initial sessions you’ll focus on learning the fundamental patterns of movement first (like, how to properly squat with the best technique). Combining this with some Pilates (understanding core stability, alignment and breathing as you work through these exercises) will help you to build the strong foundation you need before moving on to exercises using equipment.

Why We Love Combining Pilates and Strength

Strength training benefits hugely from incorporating Joseph Pilates principles. Pilates classes in London lack the strength component, while many PT studios focus on strength exercises without adequate time spent on learning proper control and body awareness. By emphasising both strength and the Pilates based principles of body control and awareness in each session, at our London studios you get the best of both worlds.

And don’t worry if you can’t make it into one of our London studios. Our coaches are used to delivering their sessions both in person and online. Thanks to lockdown, this isn’t new to us! We’ve perfected our delivery of online sessions so that you get an amazing workout whether you’re at one of our London studios or at home.

Pilates for Pre and Post Natal

One of the best ways to help your body prepare for the demands of pregnancy and labour is to strengthen your core and we believe that incorporating classical pilates into your training is the best way of doing this. Reformer machine work may be too dynamic and demanding if you’re a complete beginner and general population pilates classes across the city may be too crowded to offer the level of individual support you really need as a mama to be.

Our studios offer a private, welcoming space and we have personal trainers qualified in pre and post natal pilates coaching to make sure you’re working at a level that suits you best, whether you’re pregnant, a new mum or are simply thinking ahead and want help to strengthen your body before getting pregnant.

Client Results from Personal Training

“I was skeptical about trying online personal training to begin with – I didn’t think I’d find online training as effective as seeing my trainer in the gym face-to-face. I’m glad to say I was wrong! I’ve tried a few online training classes, but my remote training with Fitness Lab has been my best online training experience so far. It’s been 6 months and I have no plans to stop now. I’ve seen amazing results in terms of weight loss, overall fitness and best of all I am happier in my body than I have ever been. YAY!!!”

“Best online personal training I have tried. Really helped to keep me on track with my workout plan and diet during lockdown. The coaching is highly personalised and my personal trainer knows I have a busy life and gives me support me when it comes to finding time to exercise. Exercise definitely boosted my mental health during lockdown”

“I didn’t think online personal training was going to be right for me, but after giving it a go I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The coaching is highly personal and in a short time I’ve already seen an improvement in my fitness and body composition. I used to find myself dreading the gym but now I actually look forward to every training session. Excited to see my results in another 3 months!”

Why Choose Fitness Lab

Most Personal Trainers in London work on a freelance basis, meaning that they struggle to find an environment where their career progression and education are truly valued. This is a huge problem facing the personal training industry. We founded Fitness Lab with the understanding that to truly help people, we need to attract the best trainers and provide them with the tools and environment to provide the highest quality coaching possible. We prioritise education to ensure that our clients always get the best from their trainer and get results.