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At Fitness Lab, the principles that make Pilates so effective are built into everything we do.

Pilates Personal Training: London

When Joseph Pilates pioneered his incredible body-conditioning and core-strength training exercises in the 1920s, he didn’t intend for his methods to be condensed into rushed classes that are squeezed into a couple of weekly classes after a day at work. Instead, classical Pilates was designed to be a holistic approach to fitness and rehabilitation. At Fitness Lab, that’s exactly how we use those principles.

We don’t offer reformer Pilates classes or group Pilates classes. Instead, we put Pilates at the heart of our bespoke training programs. We use some of the methods and practices you’ll find in mat Pilates classes to help you work towards a more toned, stronger, and healthier version of you. With a highly knowledgeable in-house Pilates instructor, you be absolutely confident you’re in good hands – and if you decide you’d like to build reformer Pilates or a mat Pilates class into your workouts going forward, we’ll help you find the best Pilates classes in London.

Private Pilates-based personal training

When you trust Fitness Lab to help you work towards your health and fitness goals, you get to work out in your own private pod space.

For you, this means no queuing for machines, no wiping equipment down before you get started, and no busy changing rooms. Our Pilates-based personal training is carried out with dedicated space, equipment, and the 1-on-1 attention of your own expert personal trainer.

Do we offer mat or reformer Pilates classes?

No, we don’t offer group Pilates sessions at our Soho or Fitzrovia studios. There are some excellent Pilates classes in London – and we’re more than happy to point you in the direction of those – but we apply Pilates principles in a more holistic way.

Personal training at Fitness Lab is carried out in such a way that you will build the same kind of strength and control that you would expect from a world-class Pilates class. Our personal trainers understand the key full-body-workout principles that underpin Pilates and they will make sure you build upon this strength in each of your private sessions.

Building body awareness

If you’ve researched pilates or watched any bootcamp Pilates videos online, you’ll perhaps already have heard instructors talking about the ‘mind-body connection’. Pilates techniques are an outstanding way of developing this connection – and it’s something that will be a huge benefit to your training.

The kind of body transformations we specialise in at Fitness Lab don’t come from mindlessly plodding on a treadmill; they come by understanding exactly how your body moves, how your different muscles operate as you workout, and how the correct breathing techniques can transform the way you perform. We won’t just build this awareness; we give you all the knowledge you need to master this connection and get 100% from every training session.

Why not take a look at our facilities?

Can anyone do Pilates?

Pilates exercise is suitable for almost everyone. Even if you haven’t worked out in a long time, the low-impact nature of Pilates movements and pilates-focused personal training makes it an excellent way to begin building your fitness and ability levels back up.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new mum, an office worker, a professional athlete, a body-builder, or all of the above – the kind of posture, balance, and flexibility and core strength that Pilates offers will mean you achieve the kind of results you’re looking for quicker than most people think is possible.

Pilates for injury rehabilition

Although it might seem like a new fitness trend, the very first Pilates studio was actually established to help injured dancers and soldiers recover from injuries and illness. Over 100 years later, countless coaching and physical therapy professionals still consider the techniques it teaches to be the most effective way to rebuild strength and re-establish functional movement following an accident or injury.

At Fitness Lab, we have a wrap-around team of Pilates experts, professional strength coaches, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and massage therapists who are here to support you on your journey back from illness or injury.

Fitness Lab online classes

Can’t make it to training sessions or organised Pilates reformer classes elsewhere? No problem. The team at Fitness Lab can schedule personal Pilates-based workouts that we can deliver online – wherever life takes you.

By paying individual attention to you and carefully studying your movements and form as you train, our experienced personal trainers will deliver a first-class service whether you’re in the studio or not.

Pilates for pre and post natal fitness

Pregnancy, childbirth, and the experience of being a new parent comes with an almost endless list of conditions that can leave you feeling exhausted and out of shape. The low-impact nature of Pilates-focused training is an absolutely perfect way of balancing your physical and mental well-being through every step.

From easing lower-back issues and sciatica to accelerating your physical recovery after delivery, Pilates training can be the secret weapon you need to keep you feeling great whatever pregnancy and parenthood brings.

A Pilates experience tailored to your level of fitness

New to Pilates or working out in general? Don’t panic. We might have elite-level facilities and coaches – but that doesn’t mean we expect you to be an Olympic athlete! Personal training is exactly that – personal, so whatever level of health and fitness you have, we’ll create a workout program that is completely bespoke and focused on your specific abilities, hopes and goals.

Do we have a Pilates reformer machine at Fitness Lab?

We don’t use reformer machines in our studio. Although these specialised pieces of Pilates equipment can be effective – we instead focus on using your body weight to develop a strong core and balanced physique. We realise having boutique fitness equipment isn’t practical at home – so this approach helps us put together meaningful training programs that you can continue to work on away from the studio.


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