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When we talk with clients about personal training sessions, weight loss almost always comes up.

Perhaps you’re a little heavier than you’d like – or perhaps you’ve just got a few problem areas you’d like to tone. Then again, you might be hoping for a complete body transformation – a complete u-turn in how you view exercise and food.

Whatever your goal, we’re absolutely certain we’ve got the skills and knowledge to get you there. As well as having the best personal trainers, we’ve also got outstanding boutique studios where you’ll have one-on-one training sessions – with every minute taking you closer to your goal.

There’s no fad diet or two-week training programme that will help you lose weight and keep it off – so instead, we’ll work with you to make meaningful, sustainable, and lasting changes to your lifestyle. Effective workout sessions – realistic nutrition advice – life-changing results.

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How will personal training sessions help you lose weight?

We are here to help every step of the way. First, after your initial free consultation, we’ll put together a step-by-step plan to map out the beginning of your journey with us and the goals that we will work on together. When it comes to fat loss, slow and steady wins the race. Other gyms might put you on a restrictive diet or promise a two week transformation. For the team at Fitness Lab, your long-term health and fitness is the priority. We want you to feel good for many years to come.

Your training plan will go hand-in-hand with the diet advice we give you – it’s crucial that both your workouts and nutrition are considered when it comes to weight loss, fat loss and body transformation.

As much nutrition support as you need

If fat loss is your goal, you probably feel like the modern world is stacking the odds against you.

Unfortunately, it is. Here in London, you can have a burger, pizza, bottle of wine or tub of ice cream (or all four) at your front door within 15 minutes. You’re very definitely not alone if being pushed for time makes you reach for a fast food app or a pre-made sandwich lunch.

The good news is, we’ve got a range of solutions. Whether your diet needs a little tweaking – or you need healthy meals that are specifically tailored to your fitness goals and delivered to you fresh every day, we can help.

Fat loss isn’t about consuming nothing but protein shakes and avocados – we’ll help you understand exactly what’s needed for a healthy body that’s balanced and fuelled in a way that makes you feel great.

Personal trainers supported by a full team of experts

We don’t just have the best personal training programmes and most outstanding personal trainers here at Fitness Lab; we’ve also got a wraparound team of sports science and fitness industry professionals who’ll make sure there are no hurdles in the way of your fat loss goals.

From working with specific medical conditions and injury rehabilitation requirements – through to sports and deep tissue massage therapists who’ll help with those work-from-home back problems, you can be confident that whatever your life involves, we’ve got a team who’ll support you to become the very healthiest version of your self.

Private personal training services

We’ve transformed the personal training gym experience. When you work with a personal trainer here at Fitness Lab, you’ll be doing it one-to-one in your own private space at our Soho and Fitzrovia studios.

For you, this means no queuing, no wiping machines down, no sharing weight training equipment, and no feeling of being overlooked as you workout. Instead, just focused and dedicated time working uninterrupted with your trainer or your fat loss programme.

Why not take a look at our facilities?

A specialist fat loss training programme

Every client that comes to Fitness Lab is unique – but there are some rapid fat loss gym and lifestyle fundamentals that never change.

We’ve provided elite personal training services for over 15 years. Through that time, we’ve seen diets and exercise trends come and go – but we’ve always followed the science and understood what it takes for a person to drop body fat.

When you work with a personal trainer at Fitness Lab, you can expect incredible results – not because we’ve got a secret diet or training plan – but because we know the science that’s needed to smash through your personal goals and completely transform the person you see in the mirror.

When you trust Fitness Lab with your fat loss plans, you don’t have to worry about researching a diet plan or trying to work out a balance between cardio and strength training – you can confidently hand your goals over to us, safe in the knowledge we’ll do everything we can to get exceptional results.

Online personal training options

Worried that you won’t always be able to make it to our Soho or Fitzrovia studios?

Don’t panic. You always have the option of connecting with our personal trainers online, so you don’t have to worry about standing still or losing focus in your fat loss journey.

Don’t be fooled into thinking online personal training isn’t as effective because you’re not in the gym – our personal training experts know exactly what’s needed to keep you on the right track, even if you’re working out in your home or in a hotel room (or by the pool!) when you’re out of the area.

Fat loss leads to other lifestyle improvements

Working with a personal trainer to tackle fat loss won’t just see you slimming down and more confident in your shape – it’s likely to lead to benefits you might not have considered.

Today, most people have a fairly sedentary lifestyle – and with that, energy levels, motivation, sleeping patterns, and other parts of your life can sometimes just feel slightly ‘off’. Even after just a couple of personal training sessions, people often find that they rediscover levels of energy, drive and focus that they forgot they were capable of.

Of course, feeling in better shape physically also does incredible things for your self-esteem and confidence. It’s important not to ever feel down about your body shape – but your body’s producing natural feel-good hormones when you work out, eat well, and rest well – so if you feel like feeling good could do with a kick-start, personal training sessions are a great place to begin!


A Word From Our Clients

Frequently Asked Personal Training and Weight Loss Questions

Can you work with professional athletes to hit weight goals?

Yes. Whether you’re looking to make your fight weight or aiming to hit a specific weight goal for a competition or event, we can help. We’d encourage you to get in touch soon – time is rarely on your side when you’re working towards a weight goal as a professional athlete, so we’ll aim to have a consultation as quickly as possible and get things moving immediately.

Do you have body composition equipment?

Yes, we do. We use professional level Tanita MC-580 body composition scales – some of the very best in the personal training industry. Connected to an app, our Tanita scales will give you an incredible in-depth assessment of your body. You’ll get a view on sarcopenia levels, visceral fat levels, total body fat in % and kg, total muscle in % and kg, water % and kg and more. You’ll also get a regular review of muscular balance within your body – which is invaluable to our personal trainers, as it allows us to take into account any imbalances or injuries, so we can continually fine-tune your fitness regime and body transformation journey.

Do you offer group classes?

No, we don’t. Although group classes can be a fantastic social exercise, experience tells us that working one-on-one with a personal trainer will almost always bring better fat loss results. If you’re nervous about going solo, we’d encourage you to get in touch. We realise that gym and fitness environments can feel intimidating – so we do everything we can to create a friendly and welcoming space, whatever level of fitness experience you have.

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