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Bespoke personal training designed to build muscle and increase strength

Strength Training: Personal Trainer Sessions

The best personal trainers will always tell you that building strength involves much more than just stacking extra weight on your squat or bench press. To get stronger, it’s essential that you balance personal training sessions with the right kind of nutrition and rest.

At Fitness Lab, we’ve been helping people get this balance exactly right for nearly 15 years. Won’t don’t just know the science either – every one of our personal training team knows first-hand what it takes to build muscle and push strength through the roof.

If building your strength is one of your fitness goals, book a free consultation and talk to us today about how we can help you achieve outstanding results.

Personal training to build strength the right way

It might not look like it at a glance, but strength and conditioning is a very fine art.

You simply will not get the strength or look that you want by just adding calories and trying to push for a bigger one rep max. If you do, you’ll hit plateau after plateau, you’ll carry body fat where you don’t want it, and you may even end up injured.

At Fitness Lab, we’ll help you build strength on a rock-solid foundation. Every session with your dedicated strength and conditioning coach will be a meaningful step towards muscle building and an increase in functional strength – without compromising your health.

Starting with your consultation, we’ll look at every physical and mental element that plays a part in making you stronger. What does a day look like for you? Do we need to work on any posture correction techniques? Do we need to look at any nutrition or sleep adjustments for a healthier lifestyle? Rest assured, if you want to get stronger, there’s no better team to have on your side.

Personal trainers backed by an expert team of specialists

Working with a personal trainer can sometimes be complicated. Sure, you’ll tick the weight training and strength training boxes in your PT sessions – but what happens if you need to book a sports massage or chiropractor session to work through an injury rehab niggle that’s holding you back? What if you need help with meal prep or planning what kind of food will help you hit your goals?

At Fitness Lab, we have these services – and more – right here in our Soho and Fitzrovia studios. This means we can offer a truly holistic approach – a full elite wraparound team that are on exactly the same page.

Don’t worry, just because we have the facilities doesn’t we don’t expect you to be a professional powerlifter! Our team of elite professionals just means we remove any potential hurdles that stand in the way of your goals.

    Private workout pods to maximise weight training results

    Personal training at Fitness Lab isn’t the same as working with a personal trainer in a public gym. Here, you have a private space that’s exclusively yours while you workout.

    This means no queuing, no wiping down machinery, and no one watching what you’re doing. Instead, you’ve got dedicated private time and space with your trainer – so you can make every minute count.

    Your private pod space has everything you need for incredible strength workouts too – from your own weights and conditioning equipment, right through to cutting-edge body composition scales that offer an incredible look at how your body is developing and how your muscle mass is growing.

    Why not take a look at our facilities?


    A Word From Our Clients

    Personal Training for Strength: FAQs

    Do you offer high intensity interval training as part of your strength training?

    Yes, we do. HIIT training is an outstanding way of conditioning your body and driving fat loss. We have all the gym facilities we need to create a massive range of HIIT workouts for our clients.

    Can I expect strength training to boost my mental health?

    Almost certainly, yes. As you exercise and get stronger, you’ll usually find that your levels of energy, focus, and general feeling of well-being increase too. Of course, exercise isn’t the answer to all mental health conditions, but even if you require medical support or medication, exercise is almost always going to be a helpful tool.

    Do you have a City of London location?

    Our private boutique studios are in Fitzrovia and Soho, roughly a 10 minute walk from the Square Mile – a perfect gentle warm-up for your workout!

    Will building strength help me to lose weight?

    If weight loss is one of your goals, muscle and strength building workouts are an important part of how you’ll get there. Your body requires more energy to maintain muscle than it does fat – so as your strength grows, so will the amount of calories that you naturally burn as you go about your day. The most striking body transformations always begin with strength training.

    Do you have the facilities for Olympic weightlifting training?

    Yes, we do. Our range of weights and the space you’ll be working in allow for all kinds of complex compound lifts. What’s more, our expert personal trainers have an unmatched eye for form – so we’ll make sure your Olympic lifts have never been better.

    Can you offer nutritional advice to help my strength-building goals?

    Absolutely. From a few helpful pointers and diet adjustments right through to bespoke daily meal prep and delivery, we can offer as much or as little support as you need. Our meal prep partner has specially designed menus for strength building too – catering for every appetite and dietary requirement.

    Book a free consultation today and find out how we can help you on your fitness journey

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