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Massage therapy soothes away the pains and strains of modern life!

Fitness Lab Sports Massage: Our Plan is Part of Your Normal Life

        Sports Massage – Recovery, Prevention and Performance

        Sports massage – not only treats sports injuries…

Everyday stress can lead to tension forming in the body tissues.

Sports Massage at Fitness Lab will zero in on those painful trigger points!

  • Athletes and regular sports players constantly use tissue  massage to deal with muscle injury and muscle soreness.
  • If you are exercising frequently, sports massage will be  recommended for injury or pain specific to one part of the body.

Sports massage is designed to address problems in the soft tissues resulting from repetitive and strenuous physical activity. It is also frequently applied:

  • Before and after exercise
  • To aid recovery
  • Prevent injury
  • Help enhance performance

Sports massage therapy is not just for the professional athlete  – it is now sought out by amateur or recreational sports players, gym-goers, office workers – and anyone experiencing stress! 

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 Personalised training programmes

 Event preparation and planning

 Fat loss expertise

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Sports Massage Therapy Tailored To YOU

Personalised sports massage:

  • Is increasingly the treatment of choice to help relieve muscular tension, discomfort and pain for anyone, whether active or less active in their daily life.
  • Targets stiffened knots of muscle tension built up in a specific part of the body over a period of time.

Sports massage is tailored to an individual’s health and fitness profile, and offers significant benefits, from enhanced post-exercise healing to lowering blood pressure and even improving sleep patterns.

At Fitness Lab Sports Massage, a sports massage therapist will apply different massage techniques depending on whether therapy is Before or After exercise. Two important further categories of sports massage are Restorative and Rehabilitative.

Restorative massage is often administered:

  • During event training
  • To raise training levels and improve personal bests
  • To prevent future injury

Rehabilitative massage – is designed to ease injury pain and return affected tissue to normal function.

Our physiotherapists can also individualise your massage session to include advice on sport-specific exercises, posture, lifestyle and wellbeing.

Sports massage is a therapeutic sports massage

  • Ideal for anyone whose work is less physically active or does not participate in daily regular exercise.
  • Applied to specific soft tissues – a treatment approach associated with sports massage.

Sports Massage at Fitness Lab offers therapeutic sports massage techniques to the soft tissues, focused on treating aches, pain and injuries associated with recreational activities.

Soft tissue is connective tissue that includes skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue enclosing other soft tissues.

Our specialist massage techniques can:

  • Relieve muscle stiffness
  • Improve relaxation
  • Reduce heart rate and blood pressure

DID YOU KNOW: Sports massage releases endorphins (“feel-good” chemicals) from the pituitary gland, known to relieve pain and the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Difference between sports massage and deep tissue massage

Both sports massage and deep tissue massage are therapeutic therapies, involving similar techniques of circular movements, kneading, tapping and vibrations. Sports massage therapy also includes a wider movement of passive stretching, helping to restore blood flow to veins and capillaries, and stimulating the nerve endings.


Sports massage gets to the point!

Varying degrees of hand pressure are normally applied during a sports massage session. The aim is to focus on a specific problem area and the build-up of stiff, painful tissue.

Our highly experienced massage therapists always work below individual pain threshold, and constantly speak, listen and respond to our patients with each movement and pressure technique, and advise on managing any discomfort.

Sports Massage – typical techniques

Myofascial release – a safe and very effective hands-on technique. Gentle sustained pressure is applied to the fibrous network of connective tissue surrounding a specific muscle, which may have stiffened, losing its elasticity and flexibility. Manipulating and stretching relaxes the surrounding network tissue to recover flexibility and motion.

Soft Tissue release – designed to stretch and untighten localised areas of tendons, tissue surrounds and muscles. Specific affected tissue and direction of fibres are located, and an active, passive or weight bearing technique is applied.

Trigger point – repeated cycles of isolated pressure and release are applied to eliminate painful trigger points which are a natural part of the muscle.

Muscle Energy Technique (MET) – uses muscle’s own energy to stretch, strengthen and relax tight, postural muscles by applying an active contraction of the muscle against a resistive source.

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Sports Massage – common injuries

AC joint sprain – cross friction massage technique is used for the acromion-clavicular joint at the junction between the acromion (part of the scapula that forms the highest point of the shoulder) and the clavicle at the top of the shoulder.

Achilles tendonitis – a sports massage technique used to help with treating Achilles tendon pain, treat the tissues and help align scar tissue.

Ankle sprain – cross friction massage applied to ankle ligaments, which can help prevent and realign scar tissue, and to calf muscles to aid recovery.

Calf strain – sports massage can be used but not until the initial acute phase has subsided.

Groin strain –  a sports massage may be helpful once the acute stage has passed.

Hamstring strain – a very soft tissue sports massage can be initially used which can gradually become deeper over succeeding sessions.

Jumper’s knee – sports massage can help with treating the patella tendon.

Shin splints – sports massage and a myofascial release technique may be beneficial for shin splints/medial tibial stress.

Tennis elbow – massage therapy can be a useful treatment for tennis elbow, particularly more chronic conditions once initial inflammation has reduced.

Thigh strain – sports massage may be helpful after the initial acute stage.


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We’ve partnered with the very best sports and injury specialists to provide you with the ultimate circle of care. Our partners include physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, osteopaths and sleep specialists. We offer an initial free consultation - if you have any personal injuries or special requirements we are happy to help and provide guidance.


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When should sports massage not be used?

Sports massage should not be administered if a patient is already being treated for the same injury or condition by another practitioner. It is important that a massage therapist does not intervene and affect previous or ongoing treatment.

IMPORTANT Massage therapy sessions should not be used by those who suffer from:

  • High blood pressure
  • Thrombosis
  • Skin lesions or other dermatological disorders

Any current illness fever or bacterial infection should have completely cleared before arranging sports massage therapy sessions.




    5 star review  I’ve worked with Fitness Lab (Jack & Brett) in a B2B format. They are fantastic professionals and really care about their business and how it’s operated. Every decision made is specifically aimed at the benefit of their client base. Highly recommend up to date training principles, warm and welcoming team. can not recommend enough

    thumb Josh Bicknell

    5 star review  I have MS so have limited mobility. Ash has drawn me up a program to strengthen my core and upper body using resistance bands. The exercises, their purpose, which muscles were being worked were all clearly explained and demonstrated. Very excited about getting into the routine of using the program and I'm sure I will be going back to Ash for add ons. 10/10

    thumb Steve Thompson

    5 star review  I've been coming into Fitness Lab Soho for my PT sessions regularly for few years now as I find everything about it perfect. From the location of the studio, to the space and cleanliness of the gym but most importantly the team of instructors - they are very professional! After the initial consultation I was presented with an individual and detailed approach to my fitness needs (I have a shoulder injury hence needed to be careful). It has been extremely beneficial for my body and mind as well as helped me to get closer to my goals! If you're looking for an individually tailored fitness/diet programme give it try at Fitness Lab Soho.

    thumb Tatyana V

    5 star review  An awesome studio with highly professional and knowledgeable trainers who make a real effort to get to know you, and tailor their advice and programmes in a very bespoke manner. The studio is well equipped and comfortable. The team is very friendly, and they've created a welcoming environment. Would really recommend Fitness Lab for anyone looking to get started with a PT!

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Client Results from Personal Training

“I was skeptical about trying online personal training to begin with – I didn’t think I’d find online training as effective as seeing my trainer in the gym face-to-face. I’m glad to say I was wrong! I’ve tried a few online training classes, but my remote training with Fitness Lab has been my best online training experience so far. It’s been 6 months and I have no plans to stop now. I’ve seen amazing results in terms of weight loss, overall fitness and best of all I am happier in my body than I have ever been. YAY!!!”

“Best online personal training I have tried. Really helped to keep me on track with my workout plan and diet during lockdown. The coaching is highly personalised and my personal trainer knows I have a busy life and gives me support me when it comes to finding time to exercise. Exercise definitely boosted my mental health during lockdown”

“I didn’t think online personal training was going to be right for me, but after giving it a go I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The coaching is highly personal and in a short time I’ve already seen an improvement in my fitness and body composition. I used to find myself dreading the gym but now I actually look forward to every training session. Excited to see my results in another 3 months!”

Why Choose Fitness Lab

Most Personal Trainers in London work on a freelance basis, meaning that they struggle to find an environment where their career progression and education are truly valued. This is a huge problem facing the personal training industry. We founded Fitness Lab with the understanding that to truly help people, we need to attract the best trainers and provide them with the tools and environment to provide the highest quality coaching possible. We prioritise education to ensure that our clients always get the best from their trainer and get results.