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Complete Circle of Care

At Fitness Lab, every member of our specialist team has at least 5 years of experience working with sports injuries and occupational injuries. What’s more – we take a truly holistic approach towards recovery; we have a multi-disciplinary team that includes sports massage therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, pilates trainers, and more.

Whatever your level of fitness, our comprehensive range of sports injury treatment techniques will mean a faster, lasting recovery that’s built on the highest levels of knowledge and experience.

When you contact the friendly team here and Fitness Lab, we’ll walk you through everything we can offer – and we promise to get you on the road to pain relief and recovery as quickly as possible.


All injuries, all abilities

Our sports injury clinics aren’t reserved for sports teams and elite athletes – we’re able to support your recovery whatever your level of fitness or how you’ve been injured.

If you train at an elite level, you can be confident that you’re working with a team who understand your body and the stresses it will come under. We’ve supported top level sportspeople through every stage of injury rehabilitation.

Of course, sports type injuries can happen to anyone – so even if you’ve picked up an injury from your office chair, a shunt in your car, or lifting something from a high shelf – we’ve got the kind of knowledge that will get you back to being pain-free as quickly as possible.

We always focus on your health and wellbeing

An absolutely essential part of injury rehabilitation is understanding where the limits of therapy are and where sports and exercise medicine should take over.

When you work with Fitness Lab, you can be 100% confident that we can spot any issue that may require more serious medical attention. In the unlikely event that your injury or condition does require a surgical or specialist medical intervention, we’ll provide you with all of our diagnostic information – so you and your consultant or doctor have a full picture of how your injury has been identified.

Of course, we’ll also be ready to build medical advice into your bespoke rehab programme.

World class treatment and communication

Whether we’re dealing with ongoing chronic pain – or just aiming to get rid of everyday aches and working around scar tissue, certain treatments have a reputation for leaving you feeling a little tender!

Don’t worry though, sports injury treatment sessions at Fitness Lab are not about going beyond your pain barrier. Communication is at the heart of everything we do at here – and through careful questioning, feedback, and observation of how your body responds, we’ll make sure we’re always working well within your pain threshold.

All Fitness Lab professionals hold specialist accreditations

Experience is essential when it comes to patient care and deciding on the best treatment plan for you – but no matter how much experience any treatment professional has, it’s vital that they’re accredited by the appropriate industry body.

When you trust Fitness Lab to support you towards recovery, you’ll be working with:

  • Chiropractors that are registered with the General Chiropractic Council and are members of the British Chiropractic Association.
  • Osteopaths who are registered with both the General Osteopathic Council and The British Osteopathic Association.
  • Physiotherapists that are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health & Care Professions Council.

Of course, this is just a small number of our overall professional memberships, accreditations, and qualifications – so if you need any further information on any of the treatments we offer or the expertise you can expect – we’re always happy to walk you through everything you need to know.

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What kind of treatment will you need?

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to dealing with sports injuries. As such, you don’t have to worry about getting an off-the-peg treatment plan when you come for an assessment.

Instead, you’ll talk in depth to one of the team, and using manual assessments along with specialist body composition and balance analysis equipment, we’ll begin putting together a personalised picture of your condition and how we can help.

We don’t expect you to come to the clinic knowing exactly what kind of treatment your sports injury will need either. We’ll walk you through different possible treatment options, we’ll talk about managing your condition outside our studios, and we’ll work quickly to put together a bespoke plan that’ll fast-track you back to the level of fitness you want.

What kind of sports injuries do we treat?

In the 15+ years that we’ve been working with personal training and rehabilitation clients, there’s virtually no kind of sports injury we haven’t worked with.

Some of the most common injuries we support clients with include:

  • Groin pulls
  • Hamstring strains
  • Ankle sprains
  • Shin splints
  • Knee Injuries: including ACL tears and Patellofemoral syndrome
  • Tennis elbow
  • Frozen shoulder

Of course, this is just a small selection – and it’s not at all uncommon for a sports injury to have caused further injury or imbalance elsewhere in your body, leading to other muscular issues that we need to address.

Whatever you’re facing, we’ll do our utmost to make sure we get you back to full strength as quickly as possible.


A Word From Our Clients

Based on 155 reviews
Gordon Holmes
Gordon Holmes
I have been a happy client of Fitness Lab (Jack in particular) for over 3 years now. All the trainers are professional and thorough, and also friendly and supportive. They've helped me become stronger and more flexible, and progress continues..I strongly recommend them!
Radomira is a great coach. Highly motivating, fun, excellent listener, sessions with her are never boring. She know how to push people out of the comfort zone without forcing them. Rare quality for a coach. The studio itself is optimally located at the heat of Soho and is very well equipped. The concept of a coach-only gym is not common and probably the best option for anyone who take their fitness seriously.
Amy Horton
Amy Horton
I have been with Fitness Lab for 2 years it has been a gradual transition to strength and fitness working with my excellent trainer Ash. It isn’t a quick fix to weight loss but a longer term investment in being a stronger me. With the individual focus I just don’t have to think about having to motivate myself, or worry about whether I am using the weights correctly, Ash takes care of that and gradually pushes me to push myself.
Zulala Abdulazizova
Zulala Abdulazizova
I chose Fitness Lab because the idea of a gym with a more intimate atmosphere, free from overwhelming crowds was very appealing to me. Originally, I planned to join for just a couple of months to get ready for summer, but here I am in November, still committed! The primary reason for that is my PT Radomira, who creates a customised program that suits my individual goals, always motivates me without pushing too hard and makes each session enjoyable and uplifting. I can actually see the progress and am very happy that I ended up choosing this gym.
Emin Hasanov
Emin Hasanov
Fitness Lab is awesome for getting in shape – it's all about personal attention here. Love the private workouts compared to a packed gym. Big shoutout to my PT Radomira for providing personalized and effective workouts, pushing me hard while keeping it safe, injury-free and enjoyable.
Alec Drysdale
Alec Drysdale
I would absolutely recommend Fitness Lab to anyone who is looking get the best PT experience in London. It really helps to be working out in a private space rather than in a public gym and the facilities and equipment are all first-rate and well-maintained. I have to give a huge thank you to my PT, Ash, who has turbo-charged my training. He has put the time, effort and his knowledge into tailoring my workouts to achieve my goals. I don't feel like I'm aimlessly working out or unsure of whether I'm doing the right thing or not anymore and the results have been fantastic. I'm improving in areas that I have always struggled with and it just makes me even more motivated. Ash always brings the right vibe so that I look forward to each session rather than it feeling like a chore. He keeps the workouts varied to make things interesting and if there is ever something I can't do because of injury then he is able to adapt when necessary. The whole experience at Fitness Lab has been fantastic.
Saul Fearnley
Saul Fearnley
I’ve been training here for over three years with Ash and it’s been a fantastic experience. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been and feel fitter and healthier as a result. The whole team are so welcoming and I’d recommend anyone who wants to improve their fitness in a really friendly environment give them a go.
Darrel Olivier
Darrel Olivier
My happy place. Facilities and equipment are absolutely first class and my personalised training program has led me to be in the best shape of my life. Brett has been my there for me every step of the way - his knowledge, passion and communication is second to none and this has kept me motivated and inspired throughout my training journey - thank you 🙏
Ryan Hugh Mackey
Ryan Hugh Mackey
A great and knowledgable staff, clean and well-appointed equipment, what more does one need?
Blair Collins-Thomas
Blair Collins-Thomas
The private personal training here helped me gain control of complicated back issues and get back to playing rugby for the first time in years! My PT was so focused on specifics for my situation and the results speak for themselves. They are so well located for a lunchtime session from work. In my opinion the best personal training studio in Soho!

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