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Physiotherapy is all about recovery. Sometimes, it’s the kind of therapeutic recovery that follows sports injuries – but often, physio is just there to help you deal with the stresses and strains everyday life puts on your body.

Whether you’re an athlete, an office worker, or just someone who’s suffering back pain from being on your feet, the physiotherapists at our Soho and Fitzrovia physio clinics can help.

Sometimes, our physiotherapy services can be used as a one-off treatment, giving you the knowledge you need to go away and work on your condition at home. More often though, patients will require a series of visits and ongoing attention from a physio in London – helping you make sure the road to recovery is a short as possible.

Whatever your age, condition you’re dealing with, level of fitness or lifestyle, you’re in safe hands with Fitness Lab. Our physiotherapists are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health & Care Professions Council.


London physiotherapy clinics

At your initial consultation, we will assess your posture, range and quality of movement and strength. Painful areas in muscles, ligaments and joints will be examined to determine the cause(s) of your condition. The most appropriate treatment will be carefully put together for you in a completely personalised rehabilitation programme.

Physiotherapy at Fitness Lab will fully plan and map out your treatment, taking into account all essential details, including your age, health and lifestyle. We will listen to the personal goals you aspire to achieve, from getting your normal movement back or returning to active sport.

How does physiotherapy work?

Physiotherapy is intended to, as far as possible, restore the normal movement and function of your body following an illness, injury, or disability. Physio is often also used as a preventative measure – helping to make sure you avoid injury or illness as you move and work-out going forward.

The best and most successful approach to physiotherapy is one that combines on-going education and advice, recommendations around exercise and physical activity, and manual therapy – where specialists use their hands to help you mobilise to ease pain and stiffness.

Personalised treatment from a physiotherapist in London

Although our physiotherapy London team work with a lot of common conditions, no two patients are the same. As such, you can expect a completely personalised approach from our physiotherapists; service that focuses on your condition, your typical day, and on-going exercises that are practical and realistic.

Holistic wrap-around care from a highly trained team

Our experienced physiotherapists are part of a wider team – one that’s made up of highly trained specialists, including strength coaches, massage therapists, pilates instructors, and osteopaths. You can expect great service from any physiotherapist, but our unique approach means that we can take your support to the next level.

Physio for all levels and abilities

Shoulder pain, back issues and sports injuries don’t occur exclusively in elite athletes – so our services are designed to work for anyone, no matter what level of fitness you have.

What’s more, our physios always work within your pain threshold – constantly talking, listening, and adjusting your treatment to aid quick recovery and protect your well-being.

Why not take a look at our facilities?


Physiotherapy for musculoskeletal pain and recovery

Physiotherapy is used to treat a huge number of injuries and conditions – as well as aiding recovery following serious illness.

Physio is often used to help with:

  • Neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, knee issues and sporting injuries
  • Movement problems following road traffic collisions and similar accidents
  • Rehabilitation following heart or nervous system conditions, such as a heart attack or stroke

That said, physiotherapy can be used to look at the whole body – so whatever you’re facing, the Fitness Lab team are on your side.

What happens at a physio consultation?

Whether we’re carrying out virtual consultations or a face-to-face appointment, our approach is the same. We start with a conversation – talking about you and your condition. After this, one of our physiotherapy team will use their expertise to assess your posture, movement, and areas of strength.

Usually, following some hands-on therapy, your physio will put together a completely bespoke rehabilitation programme – designed to make your recovery journey as short as possible.

How will physiotherapy benefit you?

Whatever issue you attend our physio practice with, our goals rarely change.

We want you to be more mobile, stronger, and free from pain.

Of course, what that means for every Fitness Lab client is a little different. Sometimes it means being able to train harder and longer, sometimes it means being more comfortable as you sit at your desk, and sometimes it just means being able to do the things you valued before an injury. Wherever you want physio to take you, we’ll do everything possible to get you there.


A Word From Our Clients

Based on 139 reviews
Fi Kim
Fi Kim
Great, clean facilities and tailored programs that have helped me with my fitness and health goals. Everyone is very kind & supportive, which makes for the perfect environment to train in. My PT Matt has helped me build strength as well as aid with the recovery of longterm muscle injuries. Highly recommend Fitness Lab.
tom graham
tom graham
Brett and Soho Fitness Lab are quite simply the best PT team I have trained with. Professional, knowledgeable and fantastic at tailoring a very tough work out with adaptions for my various historical injuries. The results speak for themselves. I can't recommend them highly enough!
Simon Purton
Simon Purton
Unbelievable professional in everything they do and it feels like the client is at the centre of everything with the strength and conditioned tailored specifically to goals and needs. Would recommend them to everyone
Darryl Samaraweera
Darryl Samaraweera
I've been training with Olivia at Soho Fitness Lab since the beginning of December and the experience has been brilliant. As a newbie to working with a P/T I was nervous going into it, but from the first session I saw I had nothing to worry about. The space is unlike your usual gyms - it’s private and just the right size, and has a smart feel to it. It's a perfect spot for pre-work workouts if you are in or around Soho, or live there like I do. Never thought I'd be happy getting up at 6am to go to the gym but always look forward to it as I see the progress I am making!
Michael Ash
Michael Ash
My experience with the FitnessLab team has been great. They listened to my ailments and put together an excellent program so that I can get on the road to recovery. Can’t recommend enough!
Sean S
Sean S
I’ve recently started training with James after a bit of a hiatus with my fitness. He really gets where I’m coming from, as I’m working around old injuries. The sessions are a lot of fun and I feel great afterwards. He really know what he’s doing and I’m excited to be back on the right path.
Matt Black
Matt Black
Going to miss this place! Rhys was a top trainer 👏 highly recommend for those looking to progress in succeeding and living a healthy lifestyle 💪
Elio Elia
Elio Elia
I've found the team at Fitness Lab to be very professional, knowledgeable and flexible based on my capabilities and fitness goals. My PT, Rhys has been a great help in tailoring sessions and even adapting them whilst I had some sporting injuries. He has also taken the time outside of sessions to send tips on diet, demo videos of exercises to do at home and just generally communicate with me outside of the hourly sessions to keep me motivated, which is not something you normally get from past experiences elsewhere. I would highly recommend Fitness lab if you're serious about improving your fitness and/or have hit a brick wall with your 'run of the mill' PTs out there. It's well worth it in my opinion.
Max Lom-Bor
Max Lom-Bor
Professional, knowledgeable and personal. I had a really brilliant trainer in Rhys who helped me achieve and even surpass my fitness goals while making the whole thing seem fun and manageable. No idea how. Class act, class gym 👍

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