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Our modern lifestyles mean an astonishing 84% of people will experience moderate to severe back pain at some stage in their lives – and increased numbers of people working from home mean back issues are more common today than ever before.

Back pain isn’t something you have to simply put up with. Whether it’s come as a result of strenuous exercise – or simply because you’ve adopted a poor posture working at your desk, we’ve got a range of professionals that can help.

From chiropractors and osteopaths to specialist physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, and strength coaches – we’ve got a team who’ll do everything we can to help you become pain free as quickly as possible.


Chronic pain management doesn’t have to be part of life

The way our bodies are put together hasn’t changed in tens of thousands of years – but our lifestyles definitely have. Today, we spent a lot of time sitting – often with a poor posture that puts pressure on our spine. What’s more, our range of movements are far more limited than they have been in the past – after all, modern life is built around convenience.

As a result of this convenience and our often sedentary lifestyles, the muscles that support our spines often become weak – and symptoms of this core weakness take their toll all over our body.

For lots of people, taking medication for pain relief gives short term pain relief – but issues with your back and posture will not fix themselves. In some rare cases, neglected back problems can lead to the requirement for invasive treatments, like spinal surgery or a semi-regular spinal injection. Even minimally invasive treatments can be extremely uncomfortable – and the use of strong painkillers can be detrimental in a number of ways. This is why it’s essential that you take action as soon as possible to ease pain and discomfort in your back.

Suitable for everyone – from office workers to professional athletes

You’re just as likely to hurt your back sitting in an office chair as you are in a sporting accident – so it doesn’t matter how you’ve ended up with aches and pains, what matters is how we tackle the issue going forward.

Our team of back pain specialists will approach every case of back pain individually. We’ll start by building a picture of you – what does your day look like? What kind of level of fitness do you have? How do you rest? How do you currently use your back? When is the pain most significant?

With a detailed understanding of your issue and your health and fitness – as well as analysis using our cutting-edge body composition technology – we’ll put together a plan to address your issues.

Patient care always comes first

We don’t have an off-the-peg approach to dealing with back pain, instead, we’ll consider the problem through a series of different professional approaches. Our back pain specialists include:

  • Chiropractors – each of which is registered with the General Chiropractic Council and is a member of the British Chiropractic Association.
  • Osteopaths – registered with both the General Osteopathic Council and The British Osteopathic Association.
  • Physiotherapists – each members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health & Care Professions Council.

To support and complement this team, we also have deep-tissue and sports massage therapists, specialist personal trainers, pilates instructors and strength and conditioning coaches. Our team’s experience and expertise is unsurpassed.

Of course though, some spinal disorders require dedicated medical attention – and if we feel this is the case, we’ll sign-post you to the appropriate medical professionals.

What kind of treatment do you need?

We don’t expect you to come to our private Soho and Fitzrovia clinics with a detailed understanding of your back pain or what the best kind of treatment will be – that’s our area of expertise.

Instead, we’ll listen – building an understanding of your pain. Then, with your permission, we’ll put together an effective treatment plan. This plan may include specialists like chiropractors, osteopaths, pyhsios, or sports massage therapists – but then again, we might recommend a personal training plan to strengthen your back to combat spinal pain.

Whether it’s a sports injury or just modern life taking its toll on your posture, we’ll make sure you’re on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

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A Word From Our Clients

Based on 139 reviews
Fi Kim
Fi Kim
Great, clean facilities and tailored programs that have helped me with my fitness and health goals. Everyone is very kind & supportive, which makes for the perfect environment to train in. My PT Matt has helped me build strength as well as aid with the recovery of longterm muscle injuries. Highly recommend Fitness Lab.
tom graham
tom graham
Brett and Soho Fitness Lab are quite simply the best PT team I have trained with. Professional, knowledgeable and fantastic at tailoring a very tough work out with adaptions for my various historical injuries. The results speak for themselves. I can't recommend them highly enough!
Simon Purton
Simon Purton
Unbelievable professional in everything they do and it feels like the client is at the centre of everything with the strength and conditioned tailored specifically to goals and needs. Would recommend them to everyone
Darryl Samaraweera
Darryl Samaraweera
I've been training with Olivia at Soho Fitness Lab since the beginning of December and the experience has been brilliant. As a newbie to working with a P/T I was nervous going into it, but from the first session I saw I had nothing to worry about. The space is unlike your usual gyms - it’s private and just the right size, and has a smart feel to it. It's a perfect spot for pre-work workouts if you are in or around Soho, or live there like I do. Never thought I'd be happy getting up at 6am to go to the gym but always look forward to it as I see the progress I am making!
Michael Ash
Michael Ash
My experience with the FitnessLab team has been great. They listened to my ailments and put together an excellent program so that I can get on the road to recovery. Can’t recommend enough!
Sean S
Sean S
I’ve recently started training with James after a bit of a hiatus with my fitness. He really gets where I’m coming from, as I’m working around old injuries. The sessions are a lot of fun and I feel great afterwards. He really know what he’s doing and I’m excited to be back on the right path.
Matt Black
Matt Black
Going to miss this place! Rhys was a top trainer 👏 highly recommend for those looking to progress in succeeding and living a healthy lifestyle 💪
Elio Elia
Elio Elia
I've found the team at Fitness Lab to be very professional, knowledgeable and flexible based on my capabilities and fitness goals. My PT, Rhys has been a great help in tailoring sessions and even adapting them whilst I had some sporting injuries. He has also taken the time outside of sessions to send tips on diet, demo videos of exercises to do at home and just generally communicate with me outside of the hourly sessions to keep me motivated, which is not something you normally get from past experiences elsewhere. I would highly recommend Fitness lab if you're serious about improving your fitness and/or have hit a brick wall with your 'run of the mill' PTs out there. It's well worth it in my opinion.
Max Lom-Bor
Max Lom-Bor
Professional, knowledgeable and personal. I had a really brilliant trainer in Rhys who helped me achieve and even surpass my fitness goals while making the whole thing seem fun and manageable. No idea how. Class act, class gym 👍

Frequently Asked Questions

Back pain can occur for a huge number of reasons. In some cases, just a simply everyday movement or sitting position will result in a sudden sharp pain. For other people, back pain can be a result of overuse. Of course, there are also more traumatic reasons - such as accidents, falls, and so on.

Sometimes, back pain will appear for no immediately apparent reason. In cases, like this, it's likely that a lack of muscular strength is a contributing factor.

We've taken a detailed look at some of the most common causes of back pain in our dedicated blog: What Causes Thoracic Pain?

Yes! We often help clients with back issues to safely take part in gym-based recovery/strengthening.

A 'pulled' muscle is the term used to describe a muscle strain - something that happens when muscle fibres tear. Strains can be either fairly minor or quite serious - and recovery time can range from a few days through to many weeks, depending on the severity.

Between the gym-focused rehab we offer and the sports massage and osteopathy offered by our in-house therapy partner, we'll get you back to feeling your best as quickly as possible.

You can read more about how we'd work with your injury in our dedicated blog: How to Treat a Pulled Back Muscle 

Absolutely. Lower back problems are some of the most common pain issues we help people with. 

Lower back problems crop up for a huge range of reasons - from an uncomfortable office chair right through to poor form when you lift heavy weights. As such, there's no single fix-all way to deal with lower pack pain - but with our depth of experience, we'll be able to put together a rehabilitation plan that will help you feel comfortable again.

What's more, on-going work to address the causes of lower back pain will almost certainly help to prevent it reoccurring. 

We've shared some of our experience on this topic in our dedicated blog post: How to Loosen Tight Muscles in the Lower Back

Yes, we will.

At Fitness Lab, our personal trainers aren't here to just put together a workout programme for you. We also do our best to help people understand how their body works - from sleep and diet right through to exercise and posture.

As part of our detailed free consultation (and on-going discussions about how you're progressing) we'll often cover topics like sitting positions, sleeping positions, and other useful information that will keep you healthy and comfortable long after your PT session has ended!

Back issues relating to sitting have increased significantly since the beginnings of Covid-19 and working-from-home - so we've covered the topic in detail in a blog: Getting Rid of Lower Back Pain While Sitting

Since many jobs involve sitting or standing in the same position for hours at a time, back pain crops up for almost everyone sooner or later.

The right stretches can make a big difference to how you feel in the short term - and a good daily routine can help to stop the feeling of a stiff back during the day. We've explored some of the most effective methods in our blog: Back Stretches for Pain

It's worth remembering that all the stretches in the world won't put things completely right if you then just return to your desk for 8 hours. With this in mind, it's worth chatting to an experienced personal trainer to understand how some strength and mobility training can make your posterior chain (the muscles at the back of the body) as strong as possible to prevent these kinds of issues in the first place.

This is a great question because so many aches and pains can be significantly improved by increasing back strength and mobility.

There are numerous muscles that make up the posterior chain (the muscles at the back of the body) and each of these (from the neck down to the feet) can have an impact on back strength and posture. Typically, we'd look at different exercises for the upper, mid, and lower back.

They might include 'face pulls' for the upper section, seated cable rows for the mid-back, and a 'glute bridge' or 'superman' exercise for the lower back.

Don't worry if these aren't exercises you're familiar with - we've explored them in more detail in our blog: Back Strengthening Exericses

Talk to our specialist team about chronic back pain and sports injury clinics today

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