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Janice is a certified Personal Trainer currently pursuing a MD-PhD at UCL, with a special interest in orthopaedic surgery and human movement. She is an elite taekwondo athlete representing the Swedish National team and teamUCL internationally, and uses her own athletic experience to coach other elite athletes at UCL as a Strength & Conditioning coach. She has coached a wide variety of people with different goals in both Sweden and the UK, and has always adapted the level of training to each individual’s unique physiology. Furthermore, she has extensive experience in physical therapy having been an intern for over 3 years in Sweden, and combines her medical degree with her athletic background for a holistic and safe approach to training.

Janice is passionate about enabling everyone to become a hybrid athlete through using exercise as a way to become more functional in daily life. She strongly believes that movement & a balanced diet is the best medicine and most effective way to increase quality of life. As an evidence-based personal trainer, she always finds creative and optimised methods to reach an individual’s goals in a way that never feels boring or repetitive. Her coaching philosophy involves strength training, as well as mobility and conditioning to develop all aspects of human performance.

Having lived in 4 different countries so far, Janice’s biggest interest is travelling: especially to places with beautiful nature. She loves trail running, hiking & scuba diving. Basically, give her anything outside of a large city and she’ll be in paradise. She spends most of her free time in London with the UCL Taekwondo team where she trains and coaches, or at the outdoor lidos.

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