Personal Training & Nutrition for Lean Muscle Growth

Build muscle and burn body fat through a combination of private personal training and expert nutrition advice


It might not always feel like it, but your body is a fat-burning, muscle-building machine. In reality, the kind of physiques that you see on the front of magazines aren’t down to good genetics or luck, they’re the result of perfectly balanced nutrition and personal training.

At Fitness Lab, we’ve got that balance of diet and training exactly right – so we can tell you, first hand, exactly what you need to do to gain lean muscle and transform your body.

Whether you’re considering your first steps into personal training – or you’re looking for the kind of elite-level support that’ll help you smash through a plateau, our level of expertise is unsurpassed. If building lean muscle is your goal, get in touch today to find out how we can help.

Personalised pod-based training for muscle gain

Gyms aren’t always the best place to gain muscle. If you’d like to avoid queuing for machines, wiping down before you get started, or feeling like your exercising is under scrutiny from other gym-users, our private, pod-based studios could be exactly what you’re looking for.

A personal training session at Fitness Lab isn’t like a personal training session in a gym. Here, you work with a dedicated personal trainer in your own private space – with all the weight training, cardio, and conditioning equipment you’ll ever need.

Training at Fitness Lab also gives you access to our cutting-edge body composition equipment too. As your session progress, we can keep an expert eye on everything from your body-fat percentage to the balance of your lean mass, so you can be 100% confident that every session is making a real difference.

Getting your calorie intake just right – so you burn through body fat

If you’re looking for lean muscle gain, you’re probably already aware that a big part of the process takes place in your kitchen and on your dinner plate. You might not be prepping your meals in our Soho and Fitzrovia boutique studios, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your lean muscle diet to chance.

We’ll support you with a massive range of nutrition requirements. Need fewer carbs? Extra calories? Want to understand the role healthy fats play in your diet? No problem. Want to understand how whey protein powder and branched-chain amino acids play a part in building muscle? Again, no problem. And don’t worry – we’re human, so we don’t pretend that those spicy, salty, sugary fast-food cravings don’t exist!

Whether you’re looking for a little fine-tuned eating advice – or you’d like a complete trasformation and have us work with our meal prep and delivery partner to bring fresh, lean gains focused meals to your home or office each day; we’re here to make sure you achieve the physique you want.

Real world experience from expert coaches

You’ll no doubt already realise that virtually everyone has something to say about losing weight, building muscle mass, or getting your diet exactly right – regardless of their physique or experience. At Fitness Lab, we practice what we preach – in fact, we’ve been practicing what we preach for over 15 years, and we’ve got the accolades, trophies, medals, and real-world experience to prove it.

You will be hard-pushed to find any personal training team in the UK with our level of knowledge and experience when it comes to optimal muscle growth. All of our personal trainers have either competed or coached at an elite level across a range of competitions and sports. What’s more, we’re frequently featured in the the best publications across a huge range of sports.

What does this level of experience mean for you?

It means you’re training and learning with the very best. No fad diets, novelty training programmes, or miracle hacks – just tried-and-tested science-based personal training that’s proven at the highest level. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we’ve the team you need to achieve the kind of transformation most people will consider impossible.

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