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When you’re looking to build muscle, the word ‘diet’ takes on a whole new meaning. You can forget the kind of calorie cutting that’s designed to move body fat and aid weight loss – and instead, you need to think about the kind of food that will fuel your body, providing an effective energy source to support you as you train hard.

At Fitness Lab, we understand what it takes to build muscle. We don’t just know the theory inside-out – our strength coaches understand first-hand what kind of food and training is needed to pack muscle on and keep it there.

Our partnership with Fresh Fitness Food is a dream-come-true if you want a training and meal plan that’ll build that kind of physique most people don’t think is possible. Get in touch with the team today and we’ll talk you through our credentials and what we can offer.

We’ll make every personal training session count

If you’re looking to build your physique, bespoke personal training will take you where you want to go far quicker than lone gym sessions.


Firstly, there’s the extra set of eyes. A poor form rep is time and energy wasted – so with a personal trainer at your side, you can be absolutely confident that every minute of your session is being spent wisely. Secondly, a personal trainer will make sure there are no morale-killing plateaus standing between you and the frame you’re going to build – expert knowledge that’ll make sure you’re working out in a way that results in on-going growth.

Of course, there’s also the accountability. We know what it takes to achieve unbelievable results – and if that’s where you want to go, we’ll make sure you get there.

Fresh Fitness Food: Restaurant quality meals conveniently delivered to your door

When it comes to building muscle, you’ll no doubt already know that alongside the personal training that takes place in our Soho and Fitzrovia studios, a lot of the work is going to take place on your dinner plate.

Growing lean muscle without sending your body fat percentage through the roof isn’t always easy – and even if you know what to eat, there’s the time and effort involved with shopping for ingredients, prepping a considerable number of meals, and spending time standing over your oven cooking it all.

This is exactly why we work hand-in-hand with Fresh Fitness Food – London’s best meal prep and healthy meal delivery service.

We’ll work with you and the FFF team to put together a balanced menu and meal plan that they will then be prepared and brought to your home or office doorstep daily. From healthy snacks to a delicious Sunday lunch – there are options to suit every eating preference and appetite. What’s more, since every one of their nutritious dishes is ready to eat – you don’t even have to worry about the washing up.

Private pod-based personal training for absolute convenience

There’s nothing worse than squeezing in an hour at the gym only to find that it’s busy and there are queues for machines and weights.

At Fitness Lab, you’ll never queue, you’ll never have to wipe a machine down, and you’ll never have armchair experts watching your workout. You’ll work with your experienced personal trainer in your own pod space – a private workout area that’s exclusively yours, with all the weights, cardio, and conditioning equipment you’ll ever need.

We also realise you might not always be able to get to our studios too. If this is the case – whether you’re working, holidaying, or just pushed for time – we can arrange online training sessions too, so building an impressive physique never has to suffer, even when life takes you away from London.

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