Healthy Meal Delivery Service 

Tasty food, prepared fresh, and delivered to your home or office as part of your personalised fitness plan

Healthy Meal Prep & Delivery: London

We work hand-in-hand with a Fresh Fitness Food – a healthy meal prep and delivery service that bring restaurant-quality meals to your door everyday.

You probably already realise that healthy food is an essential part of transforming what you see when you look in the mirror. The trouble is, healthy meals very rarely feel like a good fit when you’ve got a busy lifestyle. Aside from the time and effort that health conscious meal prep takes – there’s the challenge of knowing exactly what and when to eat.

When you’ve got Fitness Lab on your side, we work with our partner food prep company to remove all these barriers. The result? Tasty, nutritious meals that are tailored to your exact dietary requirements and fitness goals. Grab a fork and they’re ready to eat.

If you’re really serious about transforming your body, we’ll work with you to put together meal plans that’ll help you achieve the kind of results most people would consider impossible.

Healthy meals that are made for you and your goals

It’s not difficult to track down healthy food delivery services in London – the tricky part is being confident that what they offer is right for you.

At Fitness Lab, we don’t do one-size-fits-all. For our personal trainers, nutrition knowledge and personal training expertise go hand-in-hand. We understand that a healthy weight loss meal plan is going to look very different to a plan designed to support intense muscle-building. So, while other meal prep companies will perhaps just offer a handful of meal options, you can be absolutely confident that we’ll align your meals and goals perfectly.

Your meal plan isn’t just about what you do here in our Soho or Fitzrovia studios either. We’ll help you build a realistic eating plan that doesn’t leave you hungry or with dwindling energy levels through your days. We’re also human – so don’t panic; we know some nights there’s just no substitute for a take away or a tub of ice cream!

Prepared meals for every diet and taste

Today more than ever, people have a better understanding of both what their body responds to and the ever-increasing range of dietary options that are becoming practical. The good news is, as one of the very best meal prep companies in the UK, our partner service can accommodate a huge variety of requirements.

Are you aiming for a plant-based diet? Maybe gluten free or dairy free options will help you work around intolerances or preferences? You might just be keen to make sure you eat clean organic produce that you can be confident is incredibly fresh and produced to the highest standard?

Whatever your requirements or preferences, our partner will prep meals that are exactly right – then bring them to your door every day. The rest is simple – you get to enjoy super tasty fresh food that’s aligned with your goals – and there’s next to no washing up!

A dedicated team to support your healthy eating

There’s no doubt about it, getting your diet exactly right so you can achieve an unbelievable body transformation requires a lot of extra effort. The good news? Between the Fitness Lab team and the dedicated nutritionists at FFF, we’ll shoulder virtually all of that effort for you.

Your meals are designed by a Michelin star trained menu consultant then prepared by expert chefs in a state-of-the-art facility right here in London. By working together with you and the FFF team, we’ll plan a healthy food menu that ties in perfectly with your personal training goals. If you want to, you’ll be able to track the food you’re eating and your progress through your dedicated app too – so we can fine-tune your eating week-by-week to make sure you’re getting the results you’re looking for.

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A Word From Our Clients

Healthy Food Delivery Services: FAQs

How much does the healthy meal prep and delivery service cost?

There are a lot of different factors to consider – including how many meals you’d like each day (you can choose between 2 and 6), the kinds of meals you opt for, and how many you order. Generally though, prices start between £15-£20 per day for 2 freshly prepared meals delivered to your door – with the price depending on how many you order.

When it comes to budgeting, it’s worth factoring in how much time you’ll save alongside money that you would save from reduced shopping bills. Our meal prep partner estimates that two meals a day for one month will save you in the region of 56 hours of shopping, prep, cooking, and washing up!

Can I have my meals delivered to work instead of home?

Yes. As long as the address is within the M25, you can have your healthy meals dropped off wherever works for you. Every meal is workplace friendly too (no one likes overpowering smells!) – and delivered in tamper-proof, microwavable, biodegradable containers.

Could I try the plan for a few weeks and see if I like it?

Absolutely. In fact, you don’t even need to try a few weeks. You can get started with a 5-day trial and see what you think of the variety of healthy meals, the delivery experience, and how we can work with you to make your new eating plan work hand-in-hand with your fitness goals.

What kind of portion sizes can I expect?

Portion size is something you can fine tune to suit you. Each of the healthy meals Fresh Fitness Food prepares can be ordered in standard or large sizes. Of course, you can also order up to six meals a day too – so if you’re a little-and-often (or even a lot-and-often) kind of eater, you’ll be able to find a way of eating that works for you.

Will I get a discount ordering through Fitness Lab?

Yes! Get in touch with the team and we’ll tell you a bit more about how we tie personal training and bespoke nutrition together. If it sounds good, we’ll give you a code that gives you a generous discount off your first order.

Are the meals fresh or frozen?

Your daily meal deliveries will be fresh – in fact, they’re ready to eat, so all you’ll need is a fork. If having some tasty healthy food in the freezer is useful, our partner can bring frozen meals too. These will need cooking (obviously!) but they’re prepped super fresh and quick frozen, so you don’t lose any of the nutrients, goodness, or taste.

How can I be confident that meals are freshly prepared using quality ingredients?

If you want to be certain you’re getting good food made with great quality ingredients, the first thing we’d suggest is the taste test! Fresh Fitness Food use the likes of Oui Chef, P.J Martinelli, and Brown’s Seafood – suppliers of fresh seasonal produce to some of London’s best restaurants, hotels, and high-end catering firms. Of course, if you want to know more about any of the specific ingredients they use, the team will be happy to answer your questions.

Will I be able to see a breakdown of ingredients and macro nutrients for my healthy meals?

Absolutely. Every meal is put together using industry-leading analytics from qualified nutritionists and you’ll be able to track your specific ingredients, calories, and macronutrients using the dedicated Fresh Fitness Food app. If you like, we’re happy for you to share this info with us too – so we can help you fine-tune your eating and training to match your goals.

Would you like to hear more about how our meal prep company and personal training plans work? Get in touch!

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