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Personal training and bespoke nutrition is different for everyone. For every person who wants to lose weight, build muscle or take part in an event, there’s another person who’s just keen to make sure they’re keeping themselves as fit, healthy, and resilient as possible.

If this sounds like you, our approach to personal training and nutrition advice means we’re ideally placed to help. Balancing personal training and a healthy diet is the key to increased energy, better sleep, healthy weight management, improved mental well-being, better stress management, and much more.

Of course, in a world of unhealthy fats vs healthy fats, protein vs carbs, and wholes grains vs refined grains – getting a balanced diet and keeping your eating habits just right can feel like hard work. This is exactly why we’re partnered with a meal preparation and delivery partner that can bring healthy meals to your door – freshly prepared, ready to eat, and packed with nutritious ingredients to keep you healthy.

If you’d like to hear more about personal training and eating for general health, we’d love to hear from you.

Is healthy eating just about fewer calories?

Don’t worry; a healthy diet isn’t just about eating less – and it certainly isn’t about diets that leave you feeling hungry or unfulfilled.

Your body is a machine – and the way you use yours will be different to anyone else. When you talk to the team here at Fitness Lab about maintaining a healthy body weight and balanced diet, we’ll start by building an understanding of what you do. We’ll talk about exercise, eating, work, sleep – and more. When we have a picture of what your day looks like, we’ll be able to put together a personal training and eating plan we’re absolutely certain will transform the way you feel.

More than just maintaining a healthy weight

Bodyweight can sometimes be a bit of a red herring when it comes to health. You might be happy with your weight but still wish you felt more energised, alert, productive, relaxed and generally well.

The truth is, there’s a lot more to consider when it comes to overall health and wellness. There’s your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, hydration levels, the quality of your sleep, keeping a healthy immune system – and many other factors. At Fitness Lab, we don’t just consider all these factors – we’ve got the ability to support you make sure every single one is perfectly balanced. Our in-house team of coaches and physical therapists offer the kind of wrap-around care that leaves nothing to chance.

Balancing a healthy diet with real life

The private pod-based facilities here at Fitness Lab’s Soho and Fitzrovia studios will mean you get an outstanding private personal training service – but we know working out is just one part of feeling great.

If you’d like a head-start on a new way of eating, we can work with you to put together a personalised meal plan that’s tailored to good health. Our meal prep and delivery partner will bring nutritious fresh meals to your home or workplace every day – and they’re ready to eat – with zero prep and zero washing up!

If you decide freshly prepared that are perfectly balanced to suit your health goals sound like a great idea, we can walk you through the next steps. Of course, if you enjoy your time in the kitchen and would just like some tips from our team on how to make sure your diet is the best it can be going forward, we can do exactly that too!

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