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Losing weight can feel like incredibly hard work. Almost everyone has an opinion on how to do it – but far fewer people actually understand the exact science behind healthy weight loss.

At Fitness Lab, we understand – because we’ve helped thousands of people with successful weight loss programmes. When you work with our personal training team, you’ll get easy-to-follow nutrition and lifestyle advice that’ll transform the way you think about food and what you see when you look in the mirror.

We don’t do fad diets or novelty bootcamp workouts. We do bespoke personal training and nutrition advice that will change your body in ways most people don’t think possible. Contact us today – we’ll take you through an initial consultation, show you our private facilities, and set you on a weight loss journey that will change your life.

A combination of exercise and healthy eating to help you lose weight

You probably already know that most realistic weight loss techniques are a combination of exercise and changes to your eating habits. The thing is, there are very few personal training and nutrition services that will help you with every aspect of weight loss – but at Fitness Lab, that’s exactly what we do.

Weight loss starts with a conversation. When you talk in confidence to one of our personal trainers, you’ll help us put together a picture of your life – how you eat, any exercise you do, what a typical day looks like, and even what your sleeping patterns are like, and even which foods you crave! With this information, we’ll start to explore areas where you can make small but significant changes.

And don’t worry – your physical and mental well-being as at the heart of everything we do. We don’t expect you to run a marathon tomorrow, commit to daily gym sessions, or live off nothing but broccoli! We’ll put together a realistic eating and exercise plan that’s effective, realistic, and can just become a sustainable part of your daily life.

Meal plans that will help you avoid cravings and weight gain

For many people, time is a big factor when it comes to healthy weight management. First, there’s the time needed to research what and when to eat – then, of course, there’s the time involved in shopping, prepping, and cooking great tasting healthy food. Often, with a very busy life, this kind of time investment just isn’t possible.

This is exactly why we’re partnered with Fresh Fitness Food – a health meal prep and delivery service based right here in London. By working hand-in-hand with Fresh Fitness Food, we’ll help you put together an exercise and eating plan that takes up virtually no time at all. You’ll get freshly prepared meals delivered directly to you each day – all ready to eat and perfectly tailored to help you lose weight.

All the freshly prepared meals are gluten free – and there are options for a range of dietary requirements and tastes, including plant-based, vegetarian, pescatarian, and flexitarian choices. If eating well has always felt like a lot of effort – our meal delivery service is an absolute game-changer.

Weight management personal training in a private setting

There’s no getting around it, gyms can be intimidating places – and if you’re already feeling a little low on confidence, even the idea of looking around can be off-putting.

At Fitness Lab, we take a totally different approach to personal training. Here, there’s no showing-off, no judgment, and no uncomfortable environment. You’ll work with a dedicated personal trainer in your own private personal training pod space. You’ll have you own cardio, weight, and conditioning equipment in your own part of the studio. If the studio isn’t practical – we’ll work with online to train from home.

Our Soho and Fitzrovia studios are beautifully presented, exceptionally well-equipped, and home to a diverse team with a huge range of backgrounds. From expertise on hormone imbalances and weight management around the menopause through to world-class strength coaching and event training – our depth of knowledge and understanding is very hard to beat.

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A Word From Our Clients

Nutrition and training for weight loss: FAQs

Can you work around specific gut health food intolerances?

Disordered eating is often something people need specialist support with – and that’s not something we’re qualified to do here at Fitness Lab. However, we’d be more than happy to work alongside any professional medical advice you receive to help you put together an eating plan as part of your treatment.

Do you offer professional nutritional therapy for weight loss?

Yes. People of different genders almost always need different eating advice – especially when it comes to menstruation, becoming pregnant, and recovering from pregnancy – as well as approaching and going through the menopause. As well as having a diverse team here at Fitness Lab, we each also have areas of specific expertise – so we can offer expert advice on the specific kind of nutrition that will work for you.

Will my training be tailored to my level of fitness?

Specific digestive issues (like coeliac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and other auto-immune conditions) will often need dedicated medical advice to help you understand the root cause of the problem and how food affects your health. Trained medical dieticians will sometimes even need to put together special diets to help you manage your issues. We don’t have these facilities at Fitness Lab – but we can absolutely work alongside medical professionals to support your needs.

Is personal training suitable if I've got health and weight issues?

No, we don’t offer food intolerance testing – but do understand exactly how different foods and food types can impact gut health and clash with health optimisation. We’ll often work with clients to keep a food diary and look at how different foods affect your training, fat loss goals, muscle building efforts, and much more. If you feel like food intolerance testing is something you’d like to explore, we can help you understand the results you get back and build an eating plan around what you learn.

How long is each weight loss training session?

Absolutely. There are very real scientific connections between your physical and mental health – and since eating is a significant part of changing your physique, you’ll often find it positively impacts your mental well-being too. Of course, mental health is something people often need specialist medical support with – and while we don’t offer that, we’re happy to help you implement and diet or exercises changes that medical professionals think will help.

Can personal training help with confidence and mental well-being?

Since food is the number one source of fuel for our bodies, it’s absolutely incredible what even just a few diet changes can make to a huge range of conditions. From managing skin health, thyroid health, and conditions like diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome, right through to hormone imbalances that come as a result of health issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome – the right kind of nutrition can often be life-changing. We’re happy to work with the advice you receive from specialist nutritional therapist to put together an exercise and eating plan to help.

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