Knowing the way forward is half the battle; sometimes all it takes is a helping hand to conquer the rest!
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Tom’s transition from an office job to a fitness career was inspired by a transformative experience with his own Personal Trainer. Armed with a Level 3 Personal Trainer certification and continuing studies in exercise for Ante/Post Natal clients, Tom is committed to improving his skills for the benefit of his clients. Motivated by his mother’s rheumatoid arthritis, Tom immersed himself in researching safe exercises. His expertise predominantly lies in resistance training and providing nutritional guidance. Outside of his professional endeavors, he finds joy in non-competitive sports such as swimming, bouldering, yoga, and cycling. Particularly noteworthy is his charitable cycling expedition from Berlin to Copenhagen in 2018.

Tom’s coaching philosophy is rooted in the principle that fitness is inherently individualised. He places significant emphasis on comprehending each individual’s lifestyle, aspirations, and requirements to offer effective assistance. In the coach-client dynamic, Tom values the exchange of knowledge. He holds the belief that educating clients about their bodies enables them to grasp the repercussions of their actions and make well-informed choices regarding their health and fitness. To Tom, exercise signifies not only physical advancement but also mental development. He motivates individuals to commit to their fitness journey, recognising that their future selves will appreciate the investment made in the present.

Outside of the gym, Tom‘s interests primarily revolve around seeking solace from the hustle and bustle of city life. He finds tranquility in activities such as yoga, swimming, or embarking on countryside drives with his partner Chris.  Hailing from Derbyshire, Tom possesses a fondness for trail walking and rustic country pubs, reflecting his affinity for the serene beauty of nature.

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