Should I use an Online Personal Trainer for Weight Gain?

3 December 2022
By Matt Leyland

In this blog, we will look at the facts of online personal training, how it can help, the pros and the cons, and whether it’s the right thing for you. We will look at whether online PT can help you gain muscle mass/lean weight from your own home and what you would need to get started.

We will delve into the facts about online PT and how they can help you take control of not only your training programme but also your technique, nutrition, and other lifestyle factors.

Fact: You can add lean weight at home

There are plenty of ways of building muscle and using just body weight, particularly in those who are untrained. Muscle is grown through the breakdown of muscle fibres which then grow back bigger and stronger. So therefore, to build muscle we need to find a stimulus that breaks down muscle. Now for those who haven’t done much training recently, this is a lot easier, there are lots of exercises using just bodyweight which if performed and dosed correctly can break down the muscle and increase muscle size and strength.

There are also many ways to overload these movements using household objects. Lockdown forced us to be creative with what we had. The use of bottles of water, tins, loaded rucksacks and other household objects are also great replacements for weights if looking to progress exercises further down the line. The addition of small, cost-effective pieces of equipment may also help (although not a necessity) you progress and overload the exercises after a few months of bodyweight programs.

What does online personal training offer?

There weren’t many good things to come out of the covid-19 pandemic, but one thing was the advancement of technologies and people’s use of. We were forced to communicate online, get creative and share ideas. This led to a huge spike in the number of online PTs, some better than others, but how do we know who to trust? Here at FitnessLab, we have world-class PTs based with a proven track record of results from our flagship central London gym. Now that we are expanding online, this allows you access to this quality coaching (with proven results) from wherever you are in the world, with little or no equipment. 

There are many benefits to having an online personal trainer. You can train at a time that works best for you whether that changes each day or is the same time every day, that’s up to you. With the readiness of exceptional PT plans on your phone, you can just pick up and go whenever suits you best. It means you can train in the comfort of your own home whilst looking after the kids, waiting for a delivery, or even during your lunch break.

Training online from your home saves you a lot of time in travelling and sitting around waiting for equipment in the gym and even means you don’t have to fear others watching you while you train. Not only time but online PT offers a cheaper alternative to face-to-face PT sessions whilst also saving you money on travel and gym memberships.

Will I be expected to buy equipment for my home if I want to gain weight with an online personal trainer? 

In short, no. As mentioned above, those with little recent training experience can get enough stimulus from body weight. In a similar way to if you started in a gym, you wouldn’t jump straight into lifting the heaviest dumbbells, the same applies for all training. There are plenty of exercises using your own body weight that can stimulate muscle growth without having to use additional weights. 

Strength training is vital for day to day health as well as increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat, which is why here at FitnessLab, we prioritise strength training over hours of cardio. Progressing the number of sets, reps, tempo, complexity, bilateral to unilateral are all ways of increasing the intensity of bodyweight exercises. The use of plyometrics and isometrics are also great ways to overload the muscles without any equipment. These progressions can take months to build up to and still don’t require any equipment. You can then also utilise household objects to increase overload, things such as bottles of water or tins.

You may find after a few months of training that some equipment may help with progress and pushing through plateaus. This can be as easy as getting some cost-effective equipment such as a TRX, resistance bands, med-balls, kettlebells and dumbbells. However, this is by no means a necessity and with the right PT you can make significant progress without.

An online personal trainer can monitor every element of your health

An online trainer at FitnessLab not only writes you a program but with regular communication, but can alter your exercises and give coaching feedback to ensure the program is the right one for you. With regular weigh-ins and updates your coach at FitnessLab can gain data from other health-tracking services to help not only with your gym programming but also nutrition, sleep and daily physical activity all in one place. This will allow you to align all aspects, giving you the best opportunity to reach your individualised goals. 

Your trainer will be available online for you to contact for any queries you may have. Alterations to your diet can be made through the FitnessLab app to increase or decrease calories and macronutrients to really take control of your programme. Feedback on video uploads can help you master technique and ensure you are getting the most out of your programme.

Is online PT a good idea if I want to gain weight?

To summarise, online PTs can be a great cost-effective way of helping you put on muscle mass and gain weight even without equipment. You can have access to world-class coaching on your phone, offering feedback, advice and regular new programs to help you achieve your goals. Not only can they help with your strength training but also with nutrition, sleep, and other lifestyle factors. And the best bit about all of this, you can do it all whenever you want, at a great price, from the comfort of your own home!

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