Jess Alford

16 February 2021
By Jack Coxall
Jess came to us just over a year ago now and has been one of Fitness Lab’s greatest personal training success stories all through her own desire, hard work and dedication to her fitness journey.

As someone who would admit herself, the gym was somewhere Jess always found intimidating. Working nearby in Soho just around the corner she had walked passed our personal training studio; Fitness Lab Soho on countless occasions and last August finally made the decision to book a free consultation.


Deciding to commence personal training twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays Jess started her journey with Jack.

Now it might be easy to think that Jess jumped straight into gruelling workouts, with her heart rate through the roof and being left led on the floor in a pool of sweat after every session because of the way it is perceived you have to train to get results with personal training. However this wasn’t and isn’t the case. Since starting last year there have never been more than 6 main exercises in one of Jess’s workouts.

The first thing Jess worked on was:

  1. Increasing daily step count to 10k per day everyday and sending a screen shot of the numbers to Jack everyday.

An image detailing a clients step count

These screen shots are still sent everyday even now.

The second detail introduced to Jess

  1. An individualised calorie target to hit every day / week.

For around 5 months these were the only two things set to Jess.

With these in place she consistently lost on average around 1kg per week, purely down to her dedication and consistency.

There was then a small plateau in weight loss and so this is the time to change some thing slightly. All that happened next was to increase her daily step count by 5k to 15k per day.

From this point forwards the weight loss continued back to her incredible average of 1kg per week being lost.

During the corona virus lockdown Jess continued her personal training with Fitness Lab through our remote personal training service, still training twice per week on her favoured Tuesdays and Thursdays at the same times.

Again, the only tasks set to Jess throughout this whole period have been a daily step count plus a weekly calorie target. The calorie target has not changed since the original one set in August of last year.

With the effects of COVID-19, Jess purchased a bicycle in order to use for transport. A new activity target was introduced – a week accumulation of 50km per week on the bike.

Jess to this day still religiously sticks to her routine of her training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is as consistent as ever with any homework set to her and never fails to hit her two targets of calories and steps.

Through these simple steps and through Jess’s incredible dedication and consistency she has lost an incredible total of: 40kg / 88lbs / 6.5 stone.

However, the numbers on the scale aren’t the only successes Jess has achieved.

In her own words:

“This time last year I nervously walked through this door and down the stairs for my first PT session with @jack_coxall and boy am I glad I did!

I may have almost cried doing banded hip thrusts in that first session (to be fair I almost cried today with double lunges) but last week I was doing weighted hip thrusts of 110kg & 65kg deadlifts 💪🏼🏋🏼‍♀️ so that’s definitely some progress!!

It has truly become my happy place and seriously, if you told me this time last year that I’d be 4 sizes smaller, several bra sizes down, quite a few stone lighter, walking at least 15k steps a day, cycling 50km a week and not to mention just being considerably healthier, happier and stronger I would have quite simply told you to f*#k off.

It’s a humble brag but one I’m unbelievably proud of.

Thank you Jack and all the brilliant team at @fitness_lab_official for being so wonderfully supportive through this little journey of mine which I honestly can’t wait to continue.”












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