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Professional Experience

Brett has over 13 years of professional experience and has delivered over 16,900 PT sessions. He has mainly dealt with general population clients, helping them to reach a diverse range of health, fitness and wellness goals. Since qualifying, Brett has completed many continued professional development courses including sports massage therapy and body composition expertise, all of which have improved his overall coaching abilities. On top of formal courses, as a weekly priority, Brett also sets aside time to study at least 4-5 hours per week.

Coaching Philosophy

Brett’s coaching philosophy is focused entirely on ensuring he gets the very best out of every client and every session in a calm, well-structured and sustainable way. Brett believes results are built upon a foundation of trust and as a result of this belief Brett aims to build authentic and trusting relationships with every client to ensure they get the most from him as a coach. As well as focusing on professional education in the exercise sphere, Brett also spends a great deal of time studying human psychology in order to develop and evolve his coaching techniques. “Through effective communication it is possible to help anyone achieve any goal”.
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Personal Interests

Brett is an entrepreneur and by nature takes huge satisfaction and enjoyment from developing his fitness business, which in turn helps others achieve and to become the best versions of themselves. Brett’s wife Sandra (also co-founder) is also a qualified coach, so training continues at home as well as in the gym! Family time, reading, walking the dog are all top of the list for personal interests.

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