Do you provide body composition scanning?

Yes – all of our PT clients get a MyZone belt free of charge (Myzone is a wireless heart rate tracking and body composition monitoring system). Not only does this allow us to measure and track your body composition, but it also allows us to have a live feed of...

Do you offer 2-on-1 training?

100%. Training with a partner can be fun and can also improve commitment to training. As with 1-1 personal training, everything starts via our free consultation. You can book this here.

What results can I expect?

You get out what you put in. We are here to support you every step of the way, but we only see you for a couple of hours per week, so it’s super important that you take on our advice when it comes to everything you’re doing outside of our sessions, too, especially...

How many sessions per week should I do?

This varies hugely from person to person – after discussing your goals in the free consultation your trainer will put forward a suggested training schedule for you taking into account all of your personal requirements & needs.

What can I expect from a session at Fitness Lab?

In a 1-1 session at Fitness Lab, you’ll receive expert attention from passionate and devoted trainers. We’ll push your body through a challenging workout that’s tailored to your specific needs and fitness goals. To maximise the time you spend in the...