There is very little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.
Napoleon Hill
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Ash made the decision to depart from his marketing job and channel his passion for fitness into a career. With certifications in Level 3 Personal Training, Suspension Fitness, Kettlebells, and Padwork from YMCA Fit under his belt, he seamlessly transitioned into the team at Fitness Lab. Since then, Ash has conducted numerous PT sessions and small group training sessions, affording him the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse clientele. Through these interactions, he has fine-tuned his approach, adeptly tailoring it to extract the best results from each individual. 

Ash, believing in the profound influence of a positive mental attitude on success, endeavors to imbue this philosophy into each of his clients. He firmly holds that with a positive mindset, individuals can learn to embrace the journey as ardently as they do the ultimate destination. In Ash’s approach, every training session is perceived as a triumph, irrespective of its scale, as it contributes to progress along the path to achieving one’s goals. 

Ash’s additional passion in life lies within the realm of Professional Wrestling. Assuming the persona of his alter ego, Charlie Carter, he can be spotted engaging in matches in the ring on most weekends. This creative pursuit has led him across Europe, with performances in four distinct countries and audiences numbering up to 1,800 individuals. Beyond wrestling, Ash indulges in the art of mixology as an amateur, relishing in the creation and tasting of new cocktails during his leisure time. While he is inclined to offer recommendations, the recipe for his signature Old Fashioned remains closely guarded. 

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