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Tom has vast experience within the health and fitness industry. He qualified as a NASM advanced personal trainer in 2008. He has successfully coached and helped a wide range of member groups including the general public, children, the elderly, disabled clients, athletes, triathletes, powerlifters and even national level bodybuilders. He is a former British Champion himself (UKBFF 2012).

Tom's mission and responsibility is to help each and every client reach their health and fitness goals efficiently & effectively. Through years of experience, Tom understands that it doesn't matter how good a program is, it has to be realistic to follow. This is why each and every client needs to have a tailor made plan that suits their life. He will work with you, listen to you and will ensure a method is found that enables you to make continued progress around your lifestyle and not let it take over your lifestyle. His training instructions are thorough and accurate, yet thoughtful. He will be immensely proud of you when you reach your goals.

Even though Tom no longer competes he still tries to keep himself completely up to date within the health and fitness industry and does this via training and learning every day. He believes that this approach of practicing what he preaches provides him with the ability to pass on correct knowledge to his clients. Other interests include: golf, film, travel, reading and personal development.

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