Have a plan and trust the process. Don't give up if it doesn't work, change your strategy.
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Tibor is a qualified level 3 personal trainer. He acquired his qualification in London with TRAINFITNESS. Tibor has always been focused on developing his health and fitness. He completed 2 years National service in his home country, Croatia, which further added to his knowledge around health, fitness, positive habits and discipline. Tibor is also a fully qualified Hairdressor and has worked in some of Londons top salons.

Tibor has a wide range of knowledge in strength training, callisthenics, mobility & flexibility, martial arts & yoga. He applies his learnings from all of these disciplines with his clients to help them achieve their goals. He believes that adaptability is key to success and understands that helping clients reach their goals is never a simple linear path.

When Tibor is not training clients or cutting hair, you will find him cooking, training himself & travelling with his family.

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