Core strength and stability
  Injury prevention
  Relief from back pain
  Improved posture
  Effective post rehabilitation
  Enhanced athletic performance
  Heightened mind-body awareness
  Increased self-confidence

How Can Pilates Help You?

Pilates is the ultimate compliment to strength training and injury rehabilitation. Through learning and understanding the key Pilates principles with your coach, you will develop a strong mind-muscle connection, allowing you to fully understand the exact range of motion each joint and muscle can be taken through. With thousands of different exercises to learn, Pilates will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and understanding of your body.

With a central focus on core stability, pelvic stability, shoulder girdle stabilisation, neutral spinal alignment and breathing, you will experience not only a greater understanding of your body, but enhanced posture and energy also. At Fitness Lab, we utilise scientifically proven training techniques coupled with Pilates techniques and apply it to strength training and injury rehabilitation sessions.

This focus allows for optimal musculoskeletal performance, improved strength, improved flexibility and improved endurance without risking injury. This focus allows us to work with a wide range of clients, from absolute beginners to athletes, as well as people with special conditions which require a deeper level of care and bespoke attention.

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