Injury and Rehab

  Measurable rehabilitation plan
  Improved strength and flexibility
  Improved posture and alignment
  Improved core strength and stability
  Constant circle of care
  Direct, constant contact with specialist
  Increased confidence in movement
  Improved day-to-day performance

Recovering From An Injury With Fitness Lab

We have worked with and successfully helped clients to recover from a range of injuries, including ACL knee rehabilitation, intervertebral disc damage and muscle sprains. As part of our holistic care approach, we work with our expert partners to put together a detailed care and training plan, encouraging open communication between you, your coach and the specialists you are referred to.

We follow the advice that the specialists provide to ensure that every client follows an effective and structured rehabilitation program. Every coach at Fitness Lab has a minimum of 5 years experience, including experience in injury rehabilitation, meaning you are in safe hands.

We want to empower you with knowledge about your body and how to remain strong, flexible and fit. In our sessions, we show you how to perform exercises with optimal form and help you to understand how the exercises are helping you towards your goals. Our caring, understanding and bespoke approach to personal training means you and your goals remain central to each and every session. And, because we are in constant direct contact with our partners, we never miss a step meaning you have a holistic complete circle of care.

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