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Ralitsa, a dedicated Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and Bikini Competitor, embarked on her personal training journey in 2015. Since then, she has garnered extensive experience assisting diverse clientele, ranging from those seeking to enhance their overall health and daily functioning to elite fitness competitors striving for peak performance.

With a robust understanding of nutrition and supplementation, Ralitsa adeptly guides her clients through every aspect of their health and fitness endeavours, ensuring comprehensive support along their journey. 

Ralitsa is dedicated to fostering lasting transformations in her clients’ health, dietary patterns, and mental well-being. “Training serves as a journey of self-discovery, fostering discipline, consistency, and focus,” she emphasises. “Mastering these attributes empowers individuals to transcend boundaries and achieve greatness in all aspects of life.”

Specialising in strength training, Ralitsa designs sessions that seamlessly blend hard work with enjoyment, ensuring optimal results for her clients. 

During her downtime, Ralitsa delves into the realm of culinary creativity, constantly exploring new and wholesome recipes that align with her commitment to health and vitality. Alongside her culinary adventures, she finds solace and inspiration in watching her favourite fitness-focused YouTube channels, where she absorbs knowledge, tips, and motivation to further enhance her own fitness journey and empower her clients. 

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