"If it’s humanly possible, you can do it too"
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With a BS in Kinesiology, a MS in Acupuncture, and a particular interest in Biomechanics, Patrick has cultivated an effective, comprehensive toolbox to help guide you towards your goals. Starting in 2007, Patrick trained alongside some of the United State’s top athletes, learned directly under industry leaders, and went on to coach and treat Corporate and Athletic Professionals, Law Enforcement, Martial Artists, Brides-to-Be, Busy Parents and beyond.

Strength training doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it’s a few hours of our already busy week. Yet those hours can reach into everything we do. From what we choose to eat, how deeply we sleep, how easy or challenging we find a flight of stairs, how we see our selves in the mirror to how we manage stress. Few things are as accessible and as profound for the human body. But, often, I think we overestimate its complexity or we feel that it must be complex for it to work.

I think training should be simple. Challenging within reason, but clear. As someone who loves a good metaphor, I view training like French Chef Jacques Pepin saw cooking. To prioritise the ingredients and our technique before embellishments.

Beyond coaching and his own training, Patrick enjoys weekends with his wife, Sci-Fi and history books, cooking for family and friends, and when possible, getting as much time by a beach as he can.

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