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At Fitness Lab, we are redefining what muscle building & core strength training means & the results we deliver for clients.




Many people come to us wanting to achieve a lean, “toned” look. This often means hard work to reduce body fat percentage, with a combination of weight training and intelligent nutrition to fuel your body correctly. Our personal trainers are experts in the field of muscle building, training techniques and training nutrition. They can put together a science based workout plan to help you build muscle and strength.

Some of the things we can help with include:

Fitness assessment and monitoring

Personalised muscle training programmes

Personalised training regime for various muscle groups

Muscle Building Training Plans

Core Body Strength

Perform better, look better, feel better

Build muscle and strength with personal training

Are you looking to build a lean look and a stronger body? Our personal trainers are the experts in building muscle and torching body fat and can help you achieve results and bring your fitness to new levels.

Our training team has built up years of experience with clients of every background and fitness level. Whether you’re looking to lose weight and tone up, or gain weight by putting on lean muscle, we have the expertise to help you.

What are the main factors that help grow muscle and strength?

There are a whole hose of factors that come into play when we’re looking at muscle building. Your trainer will talk you through all of these in your free consultation – they include sleep, stress, hydration, hormones, current fitness levels, your activity outside of the gym and more.

However, the two key factors that your personal trainer will focus on above everything else to drive muscle building results are nutrition and strength training.

To give you the best chance of building muscle mass, you need to give it the fuel it needs. This means eating enough calories. If you’re constantly in a calorie deficit (eating less than you burn), then it will be hard to grow muscle mass and you’ll be unlikely to see results.

    Our training facility and personal trainers

    Our private London studios give you access to all the equipment you need. Our pod system means that unlike other gyms and London personal training studios, you never have to share your equipment. Your trainer will set you up with your own personalised programme, to take the guesswork out of your training.

    Our team of London personal trainers are all incredibly dedicated to getting their clients the results they want. They have all completed Level 3 or 4 personal training certifications or Strength and Conditioning Science degrees.


    Tailored nutrition plan to help facilitate muscle gains

    Whatever fitness goal you have, there is work to be done outside of the gym, too! While we don’t sell meal plans, we do offer tailored nutritional guidance to help you achieve results. Your personal trainer can also recommend products like protein powder that will ensure you’re getting what you need to support recovery from your training sessions in the gym.

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    Getting the perfect physique with our Muscle Building Training 

    The “perfect physique” doesn’t exist – we come in all different shapes and sizes, and health doesn’t look the same for everyone. Unless you’re looking to compete on the stage in a fitness/bikini competition, “perfection” isn’t really relevant. It might be time to change your mindset. We try to teach our clients a 24/7 search for perfection is not realistic or healthy. Instead of quick results, we encourage our clients to aim for long-term health and longevity, for both physical and mental well-being.

    Our personal trainers invest lots of time getting to know their clients and learning what goals are most important to them. This starts from day one in the free consultation (whether you’re joining us in our training facility or online).

    Can I add muscle fast?

    We don’t sell a 12 week muscle plan because we always want you to focus on the long-term journey. We don’t want to encourage an all or nothing approach for a quick transformation that won’t last. However, if you’re consistent with your training programme and training nutrition, then we would certainly expect you to see a transformation by the 12 week mark. Growing muscle size does mean that you need to eat the right fuel though, so it’s important to take on your trainer’s nutrition advice as well as commuting to your workout programme.

    Can I build mass in less than 12 weeks

    If you’re consistent with your training programme and do everything your trainer recommends outside of the time spent in the gym, too, then you can definitely expect to see changes fairly rapidly and within the 12 week mark. Our personal trainers are experienced in delivered 12 week muscle hypertrophy programmed and have the expertise to help you see impressive changes. Our clients see the best results when they commit wholeheartedly to their programme, as well as to their trainer’s nutrition and lifestyle guidance.

    Your trainer will continually monitor your progress and make sure each and every training session pushes you towards your goals. They will schedule regular “check-in” points to ensure that you are on track to achieve your goals – an example might be a 4, 8, and 12 week body composition or strength test.

    Personal Trainers in London




    We provide a truly personal approach to personal training. Our coaches will be there with you every step of the way, giving you the guidance and support you need to achieve all of your health and fitness goals. We're here to help you take it to the next level.


    Can't make it to the studio? Caught up with things to do? No problem. Via our bespoke training app and live video sessions, you can take your coach home, on holiday or away with you on business.


    We’ve partnered with the very best sports and injury specialists to provide you with the ultimate circle of care. Our partners include physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, osteopaths and sleep specialists. We offer an initial free consultation - if you have any personal injuries or special requirements we are happy to help and provide guidance.


    Nutrition has one of the greatest impacts on how you perform daily in and out of the gym and the success you are going to have with your body composition goals. At Fitness Lab we offer a variety of nutritional support services from expert consultations with our industry leading Nutrition partners to to tailor made food delivered to your door with our Chef partner.


    At Fitness Lab, we truly believe everyone should be doing some form of strength training. No other form of exercise matches this if strength and muscle gain is the end goal. This is of course obvious, but what is often overlooked is why we should aim to build muscle for more strength.


    Fat loss is arguably one of the most positive outcomes from exercise and directly leads to a large number of health improvements. Through an in-depth understanding of how the body functions and responds to certain training stimulus, your coach will tailor your training plan

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      5 star review  I've been coming into Fitness Lab Soho for my PT sessions regularly for few years now as I find everything about it perfect. From the location of the studio, to the space and cleanliness of the gym but most importantly the team of instructors - they are very professional! After the initial consultation I was presented with an individual and detailed approach to my fitness needs (I have a shoulder injury hence needed to be careful). It has been extremely beneficial for my body and mind as well as helped me to get closer to my goals! If you're looking for an individually tailored fitness/diet programme give it try at Fitness Lab Soho.

      thumb Tatyana V

      5 star review  I love training with these guys - they know how to push to always get the best out of me. Discrete, professional and charming, training at Fitness Lab is a pleasure not a chore

      thumb Robert Rackind

      5 star review  I cannot recommend Brett enough. He really took the time to work out my fitness goals to develop a plan that works for me. I have new processes in place to track my progress too. It’s completely changed the way I work out and I now have habits in place which I know I can maintain. I really cannot recommend him enough.

      thumb Lucy Moore

      5 star review  Great clean facilities, super friendly and professional trainers. Sandra is so wonderful. I start feeling stressed and super tight and leave looser, fitter and happier. She helps me achieve all my body goals and checks in with me during the week. I’m looking and feeling fitter than ever!

      thumb Penny Blake

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I build muscle even if I am overweight?

    Definitely! Whatever body type you have, building muscle and improving your fitness through strength training is absolutely possible. And it’s something that all our clients find incredibly rewarding.

    Lifting weights and adhering to proper training nutrition will enable you to burn body fat as well as develop muscle mass. This is key for achieving a “toned” look, which is the body type we find most of our clients aspire to. Your trainer will monitor your transformation and help keep you motivated throughout your strength journey. Your personal training sessions will never be easy – everything worth having takes work! – but our training team have the experience in helping individuals of all sizes and fitness levels make amazing changes in the gym. Your results will be worth the hard work.

    How many training sessions will
    I need?

    We prefer to focus on training as a lifelong journey, instead of starting with an “end date” in mind! If you have a specific goal in mind, then your trainer will be able to give you an idea of how many training sessions you will need to be able to see progress. Muscle growth can take time.

    In your free consultation, your trainer will talk to you about your goals, the process for building muscle, how many personal training sessions per week you are likely to need to see results, etc. They can also run you through a demo training session, to assess your fitness, learn about your body and gather the information they need to start designing your training programme and meal plans.

    How much does each session cost?

    Our prices for personal training sessions are very competitive in London and your personal trainer will help you to figure out the best option for you. We offer every new client a free consultation. This gives your trainer the information they need to start developing a tailored gym programme for you that guarantees results.

    I’m a woman – will lifting weights make me look bulky?

    No way! This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the fitness world and it’s something our personal trainers all want to change. Muscle building and personal training is often seen as a “guy” thing – whereas really it is for everyone, guys and gals alike. Women, men, beginners, athletes, yogis, runners – there is no one who cannot benefit from a programme that incorporates strength training.

    How do I start personal training?

    The first step in your personal training journey is to book a free consultation with one of our personal trainers. This can be done via a visit to one of our London studios, or remotely via Zoom or Skype. They will be able to answer all of your questions about our gyms, how our personal training works and how we help our clients with muscle building.

    In your free consultation, your personal trainer will assess your movement patterns (mobility and flexibility) and chat to you about your goals, level of experience, lifestyle and nutrition. This provides them with the information they need to start putting together a personalised personal training programme for you.

    Ready to meet your personal trainer? Drop us a message at our email address and book in for your free consultation.

    Client Results from Personal Training

    “Best of class personal fitness training. Bespoke consultation covering lifestyle, fat loss, nutrition and fitness training programs at a reasonable cost. High quality facilities and training equipment. Highly professional and fun loving trainers. Fitness Lab improved my quality of life and enables me to compete in endurance events”

    “Jack and the team have quite literally changed my life. I started working with Jack a little over a year ago. When I started, I was unfit, allergic to exercise, overweight and generally unhappy but since working together things have turned around completely. I have fallen in love with exercise and as a result I’m fitter than ever, over 35kg lighter and simply much happier & more confident in myself. […] The benefits both physically and mentally are immense. I recommend Fitness Lab to anyone who will listen!”

    “Best personal trainers in Central London – complete support every step of the way. I love my PT sessions. I’ve received incredible advice from all of the coaches and seen amazing results in my body shape and ability to build muscle. Not only have they helped me fall in love with strength training, but they’ve also helped with my nutrition, mental health and more. I’m in the best shape ever, physically and mentally. Thanks fitness lab!”

    Why Choose Fitness Lab

    Unrivalled level of support (going far beyond the time you spend with your trainer in each session) Passionate coaches who truly care about your journey Nutrition advice from trainers who have successfully helped hundreds of clients to lose weight Private gym with your own training “pod” – this means you never have to share equipment with other clients Trainers who consider your health for months and years to come – we’re not chasing a quick transformation that won’t last