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Hajni (pronounced similar to "high knee") is a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach helping men and women stop yo-yo dieting and get into incredible shape, no matter how busy their schedule is. She is a competitive bodybuilder, which she got into after being an elite-level gymnast with lots of injuries and disordered eating habits. Her experience with recovering from an eating disorder inspired her to help 100+ people get lasting weight-loss and muscle gain results that they can maintain for the rest of their life. Hajni works with a wide range of clients ranging from those looking for weight loss or muscle-building progress, to competitive athletes. Besides being a certified Personal Trainer, Hajni is also Precision Nutrition Level 1 and NASM Nutrition Level 4 certified and works as an online coach with clients worldwide.

Hajni believes that the best and most sustainable results are reached by adopting a personalised and holistic approach that covers all aspects of life, not just training. Through her coaching practices, she focuses on building healthy and productive habits around nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset besides making exercise an effortless part of her clients' lives. During training sessions, she emphasises form and technique over weights lifted and uses a "minimal input, maximum outcome" approach.

Outside of delivering sessions in Fitness Lab you will find Hajni training for her bodybuilding competition, working with her online clients, or delivering educational talks on fitness and nutrition. She also loves cooking vegetarian calorie- and macro-friendly recipes with friends, traveling the world, and she's always on the lookout for puppies to pet.

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