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At Fitness Lab, we are redefining what fitness training means & the results we deliver for clients.




Whatever health and fitness goals you have, the personal training team at Fitness Lab’s studios in London have the expertise and experience to get you where you need to be. Maybe you’re looking to build lean muscle with weight training, improve your running performance or achieve fat loss? Whatever your fitness level, we’re here to help.

With various locations in London (UK), Fitness Lab was founded to offer the highest quality personal training. As body transformation specialists, over the years we have seen truly incredible results from our clients and have honed our craft to be able to offer highly effective training sessions like no other gym in the city of London.

Our boutique gym set up means you can train in a private, welcoming environment. We have built a studio filled with passionate, friendly personal trainers with the qualifications, experience and dedication to get you results. Not based in London? No worries. Our personal trainers are all highly trained and experienced in delivering fitness classes and personal training via Zoom and Skype, too.

Some of the things we can help with include:

 Fitness assessment and monitoring

 Personalised training programmes

 Event preparation and planning

 Fat loss expertise

 Pre and post natal training

 Perform better, look better, feel better

Bespoke personal training

Fitness Lab offers bespoke training tailored around your body and your needs. We cater to all levels, from beginner to athlete. As well as training clients living in London, we also cater remotely to clients in various locations all across the globe. With expertise in fat loss, body transformations, body recomposition, endurance training, pre and post natal personal training, pilates classes, cardiovascular fitness, event performance and nutrition, our trainers are committed to delivering the very best quality, results focused personal training.

Busy London life means we can all be pretty stressed. Fitness classes in London tend to focus around high impact, sweaty workouts that get your heart rate soaring. Brutal treadmill sessions, punishing cycling classes, an intimidating red room, body blasts, a different yard WOD every day… These aren’t really our style! We take an intelligent approach to training sessions, personalising each workout to your body, your fitness level, your fitness goals.

We make sure the time you spend in the studio with your trainer is quality time. Our body transformations speak for themselves. All training sessions prioritise strength and conditioning to build lean muscle and drive fat loss.

Examples of Successful Weight Loss

“Jack and the team have quite literally changed my life. I started working with Jack a little over a year ago. When I started, I was unfit, allergic to exercise, overweight and generally unhappy but since working together things have turned around completely. I have fallen in love with exercise and as a result I’m fitter than ever, over 35kg lighter and simply much happier & more confident in myself. […] The benefits both physically and mentally are immense. I recommend Fitness Lab to anyone who will listen!”

Fat Loss Consultation

In your free consultation, your trainer will want to find out all about your goals and any training experience you have so far. This is where we start to get to know you, and is a great time for you to ask us any questions that you have about personal training with us.

Your free consultation is also an opportunity for your personal trainer to assess your movement and mobility. We take the time to learn as much as we can about your body, to make sure that your personal training sessions are fully tailored to your individual needs.


Guided By Experts

Our coaches are all qualified at the highest level and have a minimum of 5 years experience. They have the knowledge and expertise needed to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. As a team, we don’t believe in basic instruction – we believe in high-level performance coaching. With your goals and needs at the heart of everything we do, we are committed to helping you reach your full potential.

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How do I get started with personal training sessions?

Your personal training sessions are 100% tailored to YOU – your body, your goals, your lifestyle. No one’s programme is the same (you won’t find any cookie-cutter programming here). So, the first step is for us to learn all about YOU.

In your consultation, your personal trainer will spend 45 minute to an hour with you to talk about your fitness goals, your fitness level and will learn all about your body through total body movement analysis and a taster class. This can take place at one of our London studios, or via Zoom. This consultation is a great way for you to learn what a personalised fitness class will feel like.

What can I achieve with personal training?

Most people come to us with a concrete goal in mind – a full body transformation, a specific amount of weight to lose or a fitness event that they need to prepare for with a personal trainer. But often, they discover that personal training helps them to achieve far more than they would have ever thought possible. As well as gaining results in terms of strength and fitness, our clients improve their body composition, improve their stamina, improve their performance, improve their cardiovascular health and – something which makes all our trainers super happy! – they always report a massive improvement in their overall confidence.

How often should I train?

Every one is different, which means every person’s programme and workout schedule will look different, too. The number of sessions we recommend you do weekly will depend on many factors, including your goals, what level you’re starting from and a range of other health and lifestyle factors. Our trainers will work closely with you to determine what works best for you (looking at what exercise you currently do, your lifestyle, your schedule, etc) and will come up with a personal training schedule to suit you.

What does a typical personal training session look like?

Again, everyone is different so what one person does in their personal training sessions may look very different to what other clients do! However, generally speaking, your personal training sessions will always centre around strength training – as a team, all of our trainers are passionate about the benefits of strength training and will focus your exercise classes around this.

You will learn a variety of compound movements (more full body) and isolated exercises (targeted). Your trainer will design a personal training program that caters to your level, your body and your goals, to get you the results you want.

In addition, our trainers often incorporate yoga or pilates inspired movement, especially when it comes to helping you train your posture and core. Don’t worry if you’ve never lifted weights before – we’re experienced in catering to all fitness levels in the studio.

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Personal Trainers in London




We provide a truly personal approach to personal training. Our coaches will be there with you every step of the way, giving you the guidance and support you need to achieve all of your health and fitness goals. We're here to help you take it to the next level.


Can't make it to the studio? Caught up with things to do? No problem. Via our bespoke training app and live video sessions, you can take your coach home, on holiday or away with you on business.


We’ve partnered with the very best sports and injury specialists to provide you with the ultimate circle of care. Our partners include physiotherapists, sports massage therapists, osteopaths and sleep specialists. We offer an initial free consultation - if you have any personal injuries or special requirements we are happy to help and provide guidance.


Nutrition has one of the greatest impacts on how you perform daily in and out of the gym and the success you are going to have with your body composition goals. At Fitness Lab we offer a variety of nutritional support services from expert consultations with our industry leading Nutrition partners to to tailor made food delivered to your door with our Chef partner.


At Fitness Lab, we truly believe everyone should be doing some form of strength training. No other form of exercise matches this if strength and muscle gain is the end goal. This is of course obvious, but what is often overlooked is why we should aim to build muscle for more strength.


Fat loss is arguably one of the most positive outcomes from exercise and directly leads to a large number of health improvements. Through an in-depth understanding of how the body functions and responds to certain training stimulus, your coach will tailor your training plan

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    5 star review  I cannot recommend Brett enough. He really took the time to work out my fitness goals to develop a plan that works for me. I have new processes in place to track my progress too. It’s completely changed the way I work out and I now have habits in place which I know I can maintain. I really cannot recommend him enough.

    thumb Lucy Moore

    5 star review  My husband and I have been training with Fitness Lab for a year and half now. Their studio in Soho is well designed and maintained. Most of all, we have both loved working with our trainers. They’re committed to helping you transform your lifestyle and habits. They provide really helpful, tailored advice and are so positive and motivating! I have gotten stronger and healthier than I have ever been. It’s been such a wonderful experience to train with them, and with Sandra in particular!

    thumb Elizabeth Park

    5 star review  I have MS so have limited mobility. Ash has drawn me up a program to strengthen my core and upper body using resistance bands. The exercises, their purpose, which muscles were being worked were all clearly explained and demonstrated. Very excited about getting into the routine of using the program and I'm sure I will be going back to Ash for add ons. 10/10

    thumb Steve Thompson

    5 star review  Great clean facilities, super friendly and professional trainers. Sandra is so wonderful. I start feeling stressed and super tight and leave looser, fitter and happier. She helps me achieve all my body goals and checks in with me during the week. I’m looking and feeling fitter than ever!

    thumb Penny Blake

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Client Results from Personal Training

“Best of class personal fitness training. Bespoke consultation covering lifestyle, fat loss, nutrition and fitness training programs at a reasonable cost. High quality facilities and training equipment. Highly professional and fun loving trainers. Fitness Lab improved my quality of life and enables me to compete in endurance events”

“Jack and the team have quite literally changed my life. I started working with Jack a little over a year ago. When I started, I was unfit, allergic to exercise, overweight and generally unhappy but since working together things have turned around completely. I have fallen in love with exercise and as a result I’m fitter than ever, over 35kg lighter and simply much happier & more confident in myself. […] The benefits both physically and mentally are immense. I recommend Fitness Lab to anyone who will listen!”

“Best personal trainers in Central London – complete support every step of the way. I love my PT sessions. I’ve received incredible advice from all of the coaches and seen amazing results in my body shape and ability to build muscle. Not only have they helped me fall in love with strength training, but they’ve also helped with my nutrition, mental health and more. I’m in the best shape ever, physically and mentally. Thanks fitness lab!”

Why Choose Fitness Lab

Unrivalled level of support (going far beyond the time you spend with your trainer in each session). Passionate coaches who truly care about your journey. Nutrition advice from trainers who have successfully helped hundreds of clients to lose weight. Private gym with your own training “pod” – this means you never have to share equipment with other clients. Trainers who consider your health for months and years to come – we’re not chasing a quick transformation that won’t last